A New Place is a story written by Icestormshadow and is part of the Rise of Balance Saga.

Prologue Edit

I was sent a letter from the captain detailing the plans of a years expedition to find out whether or not a mythical continent existed. While I liked the king, this was purely nonsensical, I mean; what is he thinking? Whatever, I just hoped he knewwhat he is doing. I wrote my wife a letter and sent it to the mail service for it to sent soon after I left. After a long kiss, our lips parted, we wholefully embraced one another, and I left for the ship. Once I got on the ship we waited for the rest of the crew to arrive. One of my friends within the crew came up to me in the midst of the wait.

"Sooo... we're going after a continent that may not even exist?" said Brendan.

"Yeah, it's ridiculous. He doesn't even know himself."

"Yeah, but captain knows best." Brendan said.

"I know..." I sighed.

"Soo i may have brought a little something for us to do while "looking" for the Continent" said Brendan

"Is that so, what is it?" i ask

"Its a surprise" he said

"Damn, when is it getting revealed?" i ask

"Whenever i feel like playing it" he responds

"Wow, great way to reveal secrets" i say sarcastically and playfully

We both laughed at that

"Come on, can i get just peek, please" i say

"No" he says back

"Fine, when are we playing the game?" i ask

"Soon" he says

"Great answer, i like that" i say sarcastically

"i'm gonna go to my quarters now, catch you later man" he says as he gets up to go his quarters. I then wait