This is a short story written by an unknown person or anonymous.


The StoryEdit

"A giant has no feelings. They are the representation of monsters, beasts capable of death and destruction with no civilization. For years, the collective human race has regarded them as the bane of society: they kidnap our families, rip apart our land, and give no thought to stealing our weapons. For years, we have driven them back to the brink of extinction, and struck down fifty for every casualty they have given us. For YEARS have we remained sworn enemies, ready to leap at each other's throats."

"Today, this will all change."

The locked-up giant had the ability to comprehend this hurtful speech, but it had no voice of its own. A young, beaming Orderanian Magikill continued to rant about the power of the chains that now held him down in front of a massive crowd of warriors and officials. They would never realize the horrors that brought about their race, the tragic tale passed down from generation to generation through a mental communication that seemed to open for all manner of living things except humans. Two souls abused by a Magikill, whom had possessed their once-human leaders and repopulated into an entirely new, half-human, half-beast population of peace. The humans, frightened by these 'monstrosities', struck them down one by one in packs, and the Queen had fallen to one of these very packs. In its anger, the soul that possessed the King grew violent, and his barbarism spread to the rest of the giant race like a virus.

"And now, I present to you twenty years worth of magic research! Denmius, activate the chains."

Suddenly, the nameless titan fell to the ground, shrieking in pain. Dozens of royals stepped back to avoid the rest of its nightmarish suffering. The shock from his chains continued for a few seconds, and the beast no longer felt his body.

"With these massive shackles, I can now entirely control the giant with just the snap of my thoughts. Not only that, but a little magic and money investment allows your new slave to grow in size, until no one dares to attempt to invade your home! They may come at a costly price, but you'll never have to defend yourself or work the fields again!"

...and such were the last words the giant heard before it lost consciousness..............