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This story is set in-between the events of Stick Wars 1 and Stick Wars 2, telling the legend of a war between the Elemental Empire and the Chaos Empire. This story contains real troops from Stick Empires and Stick Wars 2, so you may want to familiarize yourself with those characters before reading the story. This story, though still ongoing, is having the first few chapters remastered for a consistent tense.

A War For Balance Edit

Prologue Edit

Long ago, Inamorta was once peaceful. But like all things, there must be BALANCE. The gods of Inamorta reached out their hands and created DARKNESS to oppose the LIGHT. Balance remained until the Battle at Snake's End took a sharp turn, leaving the Great Knights and the forces of light victorious. Almost all of the serpentine were eliminated, but Medusa managed to escape and bide her time, until she could strike back. Over the years, the Great Knights died out and the people of Inamorta rebelled against each other. From a land called Order, a hero rose and defeated the the ashes of the countries and united them into one nation. Now, new forces are stirring. New empires are coming. They will oppose. And one will win to




Chapter 1: Paths Edit

A year after the final battle at the end of the First War of Inamorta, the Stick Wars in the desert with a red sun, most of the citizens and warriors from the remaining legions of the Stick Clans, The Archidons, The Swordsrath, the Speartons, the Magikill, and the Giants swore allegiance to the Order Empire or retreated to the outskirts of their homeland. Even with the defeat of the rebels, a small group of 8 Magikill escaped from final battle that decided Inamorta's fate and the fall of the rebels, establishing the Order Empire. When these Magikill went missing, they were hunted for there crimes against the great empire by Centurion Maximus, one of the greatest soldiers in Inamorta who soldiers from his legions say that he has killed over 1,000 rebels and the number is rising.

Red sun desert

They escaped to the northernmost part of Inamorta, which was unmapped and told to be dangerous. The Order Empire, knowing that area was a harsh environment, pulled back and stopped pursuing the Magikill for a short time. Even with the Order not supporting him, Maximus knew these Magikill could be dangerous, so with a small group of volunteer soldiers, he set off on the path to victory. When the Magikill got to a fork in the road with two paths to walk down, they split into 2 paths: 4 went to the Cave of Darkness and the other 4 went to the Cave of Balance. However, little did they know that they were about to start an empire. A legion. And a war. The largest war that could destroy Inamorta and the other realms that they were about to discover

Chapter 2: Elements Edit

"We're here," yells Firen.

Even though Firen and her friends, Tidus, Erthren, Aris have been exiled from the kingdom of Inamorta, they have faith in their magic and hope that they can start a new life in balance, for the Order Empire took everything away from them, and they intend to do the same.

"Okay, I know this might sound dumb, but where are we?", asked Erthren.

"We are at the Cave of Balance," says Tidus, "This cave was created by the 4 powers of Inamorta: Order, Chaos, Rebel, and Elemental. Our ancestors saw legends of the Elemental and Chaos Empires, but they have not yet come into our world, but they gave their power to create this cave."

"Legend speaks of an ancient weapon hidden inside a labirynth under the Cave of Balance, but we cannot get there without the power of the ancient elements," says Firen

'There must be a way to get in,' thinks Firen. Her friends all lost their power and freedom under the reign of the order empire, but thanks to one of the Lieutenants, now centurion named Maximus, her parents, her grandmother and her uncle are all now dead. She is all that is left of the Entera legacy, one of the greatest Magikill blood lines in the world. Along with her friends, they were the 4 most powerful Magikill in the world.

"If we are going to enter, should we do it now?"" Aris asks

Before Firen could answer Aris' question or Tidus could check the scroll, Erthren yelled "DEFEND!"

Firen turned around as their small portion of supplies were decimated by the flaming arrows of the Archidons of the Order Empire. Speartons surrounded them and Merics stood by to heal with Allbowtross defending the siege warfare cannon of none other than Centurion Maximus.

"TRAITORS!" yelled Maximus.

"I see you have found the cave of balance. Impressive, but it's a shame you won't be the ones going inside after the fruits of your labor. Bring out my Magikill!" Maximus proclaims with pride.

4 Magikill wearing the elemental robes walk through the entrance to that cave, but suddenly, the cave begins to glow white. The 4 Magikill try to get out, but they are trapped inside. Maximus watchesas his Magikill are one by one picked off. One burned to ashes, one drowned in a storm, one sucked into a tornado, and and pulled into the ground.

"NOOO!!!" Maximus cries in agony.

Thinking that Firen and her friends did that, the Allbowtross and Archidons read their arrows pointing at the 4 magikill and the Speartons ready their swords

"On three," Firen whispers




Each of the loyal friends let out a furious attack. Firen burns enemy after enemy with her fireball rain attack. Aris holds the enemies away for her friends and herself using a lightning wall. Erthren uses poison attack after poison attack as enemies slowly die. And finally, Tidus uses his mist to hide them from the sight of enemy Allbowtross and Archidons.

"Aris, Erthren, into the cave. Tidus and I will hold off the rest of them with a mist wall." says Firen.

"But won't we get incinerated like," Aris starts but gets cut off but Firen.

"GO NOW!" Firen yells.

One by one, the brave groups of friends retreat into the cave. As the fog clears, the Archidons and Allbowtross all fire their arrows towards the entrance of the cave, but they burn the second they touch the entrance Barrier. Touching the entrance barrier with even the slightest tip of a spear will make the spear and the Spearton's armor instantly incinerate.

"Hold back," Maximus yells, "If they're in there, they will be destroyed like our Magikill were.

But Tidus, Erthren, Aris, and Firen were still standing and there was no sign of burning, drowning, tornadoes, or quicksand root things. Maximus watched in fury as the 4 Magikill walked into the next room.

As Firen, Tidus, Erthren, and Aris walked into the next room, they saw 4 different items which they presumed to be symbols of the elements. There was a bottle holding water from the elemental spring, a torch lit with the eternal flame from the elemental volcano, a wood-rock stick from the elemental forest, and flute made out of air from the elemental sky. They each picked up the item that represented their family bloodline: Firen with the torch, Tidus with the bottle, Erthren with the stick, and Aris with the flute. As soon as they all picked up there items and united in a circle in the middle of the chamber, glowing yellow lights started moving all over the cave. The lights pointed down at their feet..

Tidus was the first to notice that the floor had 4 holes, which means there had to be 4 keys. But then it came to him. He opened his bottle and poured the water from the elemental spring into the key slot with his family symbol. The yellow lights pointing to his symbol instantly turned green.

Firen and the others realized Tidus was on to something! Firen used her torch to transfer the flame to her slot and her light turned green. Aris put her flute in the slot and Erthren put his stick. The circle with the key slots turned green and started spinning at very high speeds before four doors on each side of the chamber pointing into a chamber.

Doing what the scroll that led them here, Tidus says, "I name myself WATER"

"I name myself FIRE," Firen says

"I name myself AIR," Aris says

"And I name myself EARTH," Erthren says

A portal opens beneath their feet. Firen and the others tried to escape, but the portal sucked them in as their screams rang through the night.

Chapter 3: Chaos Edit

"Let's set up camp here for tonight," says Caldicot to his small group of friends.

Caldicot and his friends, Marik, Crawe, and Kensu escaped the battle in the desert with a red sun. When their friends Aris, Erthren, Tidus and Firen split with them to go down a different path, they had to go to their destiny.

In the distance, a giant smoke screen surrounded the cave that Caldicot's lifelong friends went to, the cave of elements. Out of the smoke emerged a elemental tornado.


Maximus' undeniable cry rang out through the valley. 'It's very likely that Maximus' troops set up camp for the night', Caldicot thought to himself. They would be coming on the other path next. They would be coming for them. Caldicot knew, 'We need to get an early start, or Maximus will get us. Get our knowledge. Get the cave's powers. And worst of all, get our lives.'


Dawn broke as Caldicot awoke to the sunrise. Waking his friends up, he made breakfast and started breaking camp as he told the others about how Maximus would be hot on their trail.

Silently, Kensu, Crawe, and Marik ate breakfast. Moving out, a small squad of Swordwraths and Archidons came through to forest, only a few miles away from the camp. The camp was only not seen because of the small hill that protected it from the Maximus' scout team.

"Move!" Caldicot hissed as the scout team moved closer.

"But what about the supplies?" Marik asked.

"Leave them. We have no time. Take the backpacks and hide!" Caldicot ordered as the 4 Magikill hid behind the large rocks.

The scout team came over to the camp as saw everything. As the lead unit, a spearton that hidden by the hill, jotted everything down, then signaled to his men to take everything.

They left with all of Caldicot's supplies, and went off into the distance to their own camp. Enraged, Caldicot told his friends, "No time to mourn our supplies. We adapt or we die. We have to keep moving. We got a late start."

Moving towards the cave, Caldicot heard Maximus' forces closing in. 'We need to set a trap', Caldicot thought to himself.

"Guy, I need you to gather as many rocks as you can while create a machine. We are going to beat Maximus!" Caldicot said boldly

A cheer broke out through his 3 friends as they started hunting for pebbles and stones alike. Now updated on the plan, they started building a wall of stones. Crawe and Kensu hoisted the stones up while Marik wove them together with his electric wall.

Caldicot, in the meantime, was building drones. Out of the biggest stones his friends had brought him, he carved drones each with a cannon. They were not vunerable to air attacks because they are made out of stone, and they are controlled by magic. With the multiple hidden cannons throughout the wall his friends had built, the trap was almost perfect. As long as his friends held up the electric dome, made from all 3 of his friends power, Caldicot could keep the hidden cannons and drone attacking Maximus's forces while they sent out electric pulses. Now, all they had to do was wait. Gather food. Survive. And then, they could make it into the Cave of Chaos.

As Caldicot planned, the large wall Caldicot had constructed was strategicailly placed around the Cave of Chaos, so that he and his friends could complete their mission. The plan was foolproof to Caldicot. Now, all they could do was wait.

In the distance, Caldicot could not see Maximus, but he knew he was in the distance somewhere. Hiding. Waiting.

Then, all of a sudden, Maximus' army appeared from the hill. Unprepared, the electric wall was launched late. Before the wall was fully defended, the raining arrows broke the main cannon.

"REBEL!" Caldicot yelled to his friends as he fired back with the drones. His friends greeted his cry by sending out shock waves and cannon blasts.

But even with the newfound energy, the wall was crumbling. They were losing drones and cannons. Finally, the last drone broke under the heavy fire of the Archidons and the blazing bolts of the Albowtross.

"Fall back!" Kensu yelled as the 4 magikill withdrew into the cave. Using the last of his strength, Marik pulled a large boulder over the entrance of the cave.

Now trapped, the friends looked around them to find not one, but 4 items. A large staff of bones, a small spiked armor helmet, a large brass club, and a crown to fangs. A prophecy was written on the wall containing these words:

The Four who enter will control a massive empire,

That will one be taken over by a snake that wears a crown of purple and blue wire,

The one who take the crown will prosper and suffer,

The one who takes the helmet will be turned into a beast like his mother,

The one who takes the staff will one day be made of bones,

The one who takes the club will be one day be killed by clones!

Nodding to his friends, Caldicot takes the crown. Kensu takes the club. Marik takes the staff. Reluctantly, Crawe takes the helmet.

Caldicot nods to his friends again signalling them to start the ritual. Laying down their items in the circle in the center of the chamber, Caldicot light the match and blows up the circle, his friends using a electric wall to hold the smoke and flames.

But when they look down, the item lay on a surface of pure energy. No smoke. No fire. Each of the friends take their item.

"A portal..." Caldicot mutters.

"We will take revenge on the Order that has caused us so much pain. And what better way to avenge pain that with CHAOS!" Caldicot says.

Then, the four jump into the portal one by one as Maximus' forces break the boulder." Seeing that he lost again, Maximus throws his cap and rides home, done being the Order general he once was...

Chapter 4: Inside the Portal Edit

A bright light flashed and blinded all 8 chosen warriors, and they were a different dimension.

The 8 friends were happy to see each other again, and they all now had a new look of dark steel robes with their family crest.

"Where are we?" Firen asked.


As the 4 magikill looked up, they saw many different things. Pain. Loss. Happiness. Joy. Emotions. Emotions. Great armies. And then, as fast as they were united again, they were whisked away. A blinding light enveloped them, and they were split apart, being taken to a place they did not know.

Chapter 5: March of the Empires Edit

Caldicot sat up groggily. His head hurt. In fact, his whole body ached. Looking around him, he saw that he was no longer in the other dimension. Crawe, Kensu, and Marik were still unconscious around him. Looking at himself and the others, he noticed that they still had their steel-woven robes.