Amharia Nigisti was a Rovalian orphan raised in the city of Roval. When Chaos attacked her homeland, she was the only member of her orphanage to survive by hiding in a cellar for two whole days. She was saved by Vince when the Eclipse Expedition arrived to aid them, and subsequently helped Vince navigate in Rovaltinny.


Amharia was an illegitimate child of the Rovalian king, from an affair with a lowly servant. When the king found out about Amharia's existence, he placed her in an orphanage to be raised without the knowledge of her royal blood. During the fall of Roval and the consequent massacre of the populace, Amharia hid in a cellar within the orphanage and directly avoided the evacuation orders, which was in fact lucky as the evacuees were held up among the other fleeing refugees, while the remainder were captured to be mutated into proto-Eclipsors. The orphanage was chosen as one of the locations for the mutations to occur simply due to the number of young children found in close proximity, and as a result, Amharia, through a narrow slat in floor, was able to witness this horrific event. Multiple elements of the Chaos army simultaneously began laying ruin to much of the city, affirming to her that escape was hopeless until they left.

Subsequently, Amharia remained alone in the cellar for two days, not daring to leave and potentially be detected by Chaos. It was only when Captain Vince Sihanouk and his half-squadron of Great Knights entered the now-decrepit orphanage building that Amharia was no longer able to contain herself and burst out, eager to seek help from the Great Knight captain, and shakily recounted what she had witnessed, information that disturbed Vince significantly.