Ashangul Hasetenya-Nigisti was a Rovalian lunatic, who believed that he was the rightful king of Rovaltinny. He even went as far as informing Chaos in the hopes of become their candidate for a vassal king, persuading Queen Medusa to invade Rovaltinny and advising an attack through the South-East corridor, which was weakly defended and led directly to Roval, the Rovalian capital.

However, when the Chaos forces encountered Ashangul in person, they realised he was actually insane and the Marrowkai leaders who were on the campaign decided to conduct a mutation experiment on Ashangul to test for variations of their spells on a dysfunctional brain. However, this experiment failed, instead leading to Ashangul becoming slightly more mentally unstable and growing a single Eclipsor wing. Although the Marrowkai intended to do more testing, this result disappointed them and a single Marrowkai was assigned to "walk" him back to a larger camp hidden in the forests near Blebfennas for further experimentation and torture.

During the journey, Ashangul was consistently loud and the Marrowkai therefore would poke him with a hot iron he himself heated with a small reserve of mana. Eventually, they were discovered by Vince and Quargerin's squadrons and Ashangul was freed and taken in by the Great Knights, attempting to persuade them that he was King of Rovaltinny with his poorly-made crown. There he received further interrogation by Pepin, Tangeldis and Rethdurk, the last of which suggested that Ashangul was definitely not royalty and that he was clearly mentally unstable, with help from his half-possessor Tarramiso-Katos, who used his magical perception to detect his previous mental states.

He was subsequently transported with the Great Knights under custody as they travelled through Roval. However, due to unknown circumstances, Ashangul was able to escape the camp, requiring Vince, Parean and Nircurus to use their squadrons to pursue him. They eventually recaptured him within a large cave complex accompanied by several Marrowkai, all of whom were eliminated during their assault, while Delphius knocked out Ashangul himself.

After an hour, Ashangul woke up from his concussion, and was subsequently interrogated by both Parean and Vince. During the interrogation, he unwittingly exposed himself as the culprit for the Chaos invasion, having also given information to his Chaos contacts before they abandoned him. He also revealed that the other Wingidons had been "helped" to recognise him as the rightful ruler, which in fact referred to their mutation.

Unable to extract anymore information, the search squadrons returned towards the main body of the expedition. However, they were harassed by a large number of proto-Eclipsors, who successfully killed a few knights and managed to facilitate Ashangul's escape.