The Balance Empire was an empire founded after the Storm Rebellion. It was the first Inamortian Nation to make contact with Mortia, another continent with Stickmen.


Formation Edit

Notable MembersEdit

  • Logan, The King of Balance - Logan was a victim of the Nexus Program. He eventually escaped and with several others started what would become the Storm Rebellion. He is now a King.
  • Pyroious, Archmage of Balans - Pyroious was also a victim of the Nexus Program, he gained fire powers, hence his name. He is the current representative of the Magikill on the Iron Council.
  • Bowtin, Master of Arrows - He is the current representative of the Archidions on the Iron Council. He is an ex-smuggler who has even stolen from the Royal Palace of the Tyrant of Order.
  • Ferrus, Master of Swords
  • Gathontor, Lore Master
  • Shadow, Royal Assassin


The Language is called Balanain, and the demonym is Balanain.

Vowels Edit

  • A = oi
  • E = ma
  • I = Lk
  • O = foe
  • U = uu
  • Y = Fo
  • K = Io

Consonants Edit

  • B = Bri
  • C = Kay
  • D = Olp
  • F = M
  • G = argh
  • H =

Example Edit

Hi How are You

Traditions Edit

  • Every year on the 28th day of the 11th month, inventors all across the kingdom get together to share their inventions.
  • When Magic was suppressed, secret meetings would occur to try and undo the spell, none succeeded until Logan finally undid the spell. Now it is held every year to share new spells from the magical community.