Belfaenar Rochir was the founder of the Great Knights, originally being a Westwind-born Sulian Knight-errant who was heir to the aristocratic Rochir estate, and brother to the famed strategist Saelara. After the Serpentine arrived and devastated Western Inamorta, he swore an oath to avenge his family and all those killed by the Serpentine, launching the First Great Crusade. He became the founder of the Great Knights through this and participated in five of the six Great Crusades. Known for his boldness and charisma, Belfaenar successfully united the many groups that had gathered to help him and organised a centralised leadership. Eventually, he succumbed to his wounds in the Battle of Snake’s End, having killed High King Typhon in single combat, and was the first recorded person to survive petrification by a gorgon. He appointed Saelara and Jygarn Invincibilis as the joint leaders of the Great Knights before his death.