Blebfennas, sometimes referred to as "Wingsgate" by the locals, was a town located on the Southern border of Rovaltinny, and was initially constructed as a frontier settlement, located only a few kilometres from the Eastern reaches of the capital Roval. Eventually, it was exposed to small quantities of trade with foreign nations, given its outwardly location outside of the Eclipse Mountains, and this significantly increased the city's population to around 2,000, before trade regulations became stricter due to the isolationist policies of the Rovalian kings.

During the joint Havik-Great Knight expedition of 56 CSE - 58 CSE, an offshoot of the Western detachment went further north and discovered Blebfennas, after which they discovered the entire nation of Rovaltinny. This effectively resulted in a friendship being formed and a defensive pact was decided on: if one nation was attacked, the other would come to their aid, and this was seem as an alliance by all three factions.

However, this defensive pact was put to the test in 134 CSE, almost 76 years after its formation, when the Chaos Undead Armies invaded Rovaltinny. Their first move was to stage a false attack on their Eastern frontier, a desolate mountainous region, which diverted much of the Rovalian army, before striking through Blebfennas and into Roval, destroying or isolating most of the Rovalian military in the process. This initial strategic operation only lasted for two weeks in total and resulted in the utter destruction and extermination of both cities, before Chaos began cleaning up Rovalian resistance in the West, enslaving and mutating their populace into proto-Eclipsors. When the Great Knight Eclipse Expedition arrived through the same entry point as they had previously done so, they found that the entire town of Blebfennas was devoid of all Rovalian life, and provided evidence that the Rovalian population was being deliberately targeted.