This is the list of all the Characters in this wiki.

Please write the names and info in normal text. If you only have one or two characters from a single story, book or series, please put them in the Miscellaneous section (if you do so, you can still put the name of your story next to the character name).

Note: Authors if you like you can change the last name.

Legend of Order

Warriors of Inamorta

The Originals (Heroes United + The Legendary Warrior Seartan Trilogy)

The Incredible Mutt

Blood Brothers

The Great Northern Saga

Eclipse of the Knights

Knight's Oath/Dead Winter (not created yet)

First Into The North

Northern Expedition (Roleplay Scenario)

The Greater Southern Saga

Inamorta's Last Order

A War For Balance

Miscellaneous (for stories with only one or two characters)