Dan "Bloodshed" Blades
Vital statistics
Position Private
Age 25
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 185 cm
Weight 71 kg

Dan is the protagonist of Order's Story.


Dan is a young soldier born sometime before Order's Conquering. Originally, like all of Order's other citizens, Dan and his family worked either as miners, scholars, or other noncombat positions. One day, Dan's simple, innocent life shattered when his parents, two well known and respected members of the community, were killed by invading forces. Grief-stricken, Dan sincerely wanted to destroy those who killed his parents but, lacking the skills, couldn't and merely stewed.

Fortunately, Dan wasn't the only one to suffer. Soon, all of Order's people unanimously decided to wage war on the other nations in order to prevent them from invading. Dan was chosen as the first clubwrath of Order, one of the first truly combative forces of his nation. His first real battle was the nighttime ambush on the Archidonis.