Den Matsi is a commander and leader in the story Legend Of Order and in the Heroes United continuity. At the beginning of the Order's military campaign, Den was the first and (for a time) only soldier within the ranks of his empire.

Den is a follower of the 'Way of the Sword' and previously the 'Way of the Club' and 'Way of Knowledge and Peace'.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Little is known about Matsi's childhood, with the exception that he was raised under the 'Way of Knowledge and Peace' and that his father was King Spear, in which he had good relations with.

No Other Choice Edit

Den Matsi, during this period of internal monologue, tells of how the Order Empire is at war, explaining to the reader that he has single-handedly taught his people the 'Way of the Club', training them how to handle and attack with the club properly.

Archidon, Wise and Calm Edit

Den Matsi and his fellow clubmen are on their march to the base of the Archidon. Using the mindset that clubs are harder than arrows, Matsi was sure that the Archidon would be no problem.

Reaching the base, Archidon begin to take notice and are frightened, signaling Den and his troops to charge. Some of the Archidon begin to fire upon the charging fleet, taking out one with a blow to the skull. This one attack sent a volley of arrows raining over the Order, released by the other Archidon at the base. Many of the Swordwrath attempted to block with their clubs, but some failed, being pierced and slain by the arrows coming down from the sky.

In reaction, Matsi and his men quicken their charge, with even the injured continuing in the pursuit. They reached the statue, tearing away at the structure until victory finally let loose, and the remaining Swordwrath eliminate the Archidon ranks. The Archidonis commander, Elder, took to reason why the Order were fighting back against their nations, and joined the cause with Den Matsi.

Ambush, Natives that Look Like Speartons! Edit


Den was often seen as a wholeful patriot, accepted by his soldiers and underlings, as well as his commanders and masters. It is popular opinion that he had strived to become the Orderian king long before he ever became a substantial member of their army.


Den was raised and brought up with King Spear. They are also very good friends.