Firen is a character from A War For Balance.

Appearance Edit

Firen has orange hair and a slim, agile body that makes her that much more deadly if she wasn't deadly enough with her magic skills and elemental fire powers. She wears a traditional Shadowrath suit with red lines to symbolize her element, fire. She has an amulet with a gold chain around her neck with her family's Magikill Symbol. She has a sword and her Staff of Flames on her back


Firen has a fiery temper that can make her irritable to her friends every once in a while, but makes her a good leader. She has a very dark sense of humor due to the death of her family. She knows how to make decisions very quickly and she is very protective of her friends.

Relationships Edit

Mother, Father and Grandmother (Dead)

Tidus (Close Friend, Love Interest)

Erthren (Close Friend)

Aris (Life-long friend and "sister")

Chaos Empire (Enemy)

Maximus (Long-time enemy and then benefactor)

Story Importance Edit

Firen is one of the four co-founders of the Elemental Empire and the co-leader with Tidus of the Elemental Empire. She is a great leader and the story is mostly focused on Tidus and her, with Aris and Erthren being side characters for support having a story of their own.