Ilfibrir Turang was a Great Knight orphan whose parents were killed in a Dirvish attack on their aristocratic estate at the age of 6. He was then enrolled into the experimental Juggernaut programme headed by General Agisiem, and subsequently became one of the most arrogant of all Juggernauts, despite his average capabilities amongst his peers. As a Juggernaut, he had complete loyalty to the Great Council, admitting that they, apart from his fellow comrades, were the only entities possible of being considered better than him. He participated in the Maxilla Peninsula expedition, and was subsequently killed and possessed by a rogue Chaos spirit, which enjoyed acting in Ilfibrir's supercilious personality. He was later assigned with Kirev and Uialok to take over command of the Eclipse Expedition from General Pepin, and his extreme arrogance led to him earning hatred from many of the soldiers, such as Delphius.