Janiwira Beti was a young Rovalian soldier who participated in the defence of Roval, her home city, during the invasion of Rovaltinny by Chaos in 134 CSE. During the battle, she and her unit routed following a series of mass petrifications, and hid in a refuse cave located beneath the South-East Roval Castle, which was in essence a hollowed out mountain overlooking the south of the city. She managed to survive there for two days, with access to the stream that was located in their cave (although, it was in fact intended to wash out refuse), while she was also capable of flying out to gather supplies from the relatively untouched supply room. It was there where she was discovered by Parean and her squadron, and eventually deemed them as her allies.

Following her arrival to the Great Knight camp, she was immediately assigned to guide Parean, Vince, Nircurus and Quargerin through the city of Roval with their squadrons, seeing as she was a native.