Legend of Order is a story written by BladedFire.

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Chapter 1: No Other ChoiceEdit

Dark surrounding the world... blood all the way to the end of the road, the sound of battle everywhere. It's just me and my nation, don't have any weapons.

My name is Den. Quite a hilarious name, huh? Okay. I'm the leader of the nation called Order. We have miners and then there's myself, who is the only one that can wield a club. Our nation was at peace until this era came.

Yes, it is an era of war, in which all the nations fight each other. We have no other choice, we need to fight back to survive, even though we love the other nations.

So, I teach my beloved people my Way of the Club. Later, we're going to attack our closest ally, the Archidon.

Commander Elder

The Beard comes from the name Elder


Chapter 2: Archidon, Wise and Calm Edit

Footsteps and footsteps are all I hear while we march to the Archidon's base. Wielding our stone-made clubs, we're going to have a bloody scenery made by us. We all know that clubs are harder than arrows, which means the Archidons are no match for us.

So, we continue to march and finally we come to the base of the Archidons. We see an Archidon statue in an aiming posture, wanting to shoot. Below it, some Archidons are frightened and unaware that we're about to conquer their land. We start to charge.

But still, some Archidons remain calm and aim at one of us. They fire their arrows, pierce one head. One down for us. We notice that a rain of arrows begins to fall after the head shot. We block the arrows with our hard clubs, but some fail to do so and arrows pierce their bodies.

We charge faster. Some of the injured are still alive and join with us, their blood dripping from their wounds. At last, we win. We break down the Archidon statue. We catch up to some of the Archidons that wanted to flee.

Yes, we killed some Archidons in the way when we charged to their statue. I see the Archidon's leader, Elder. He has a calm-looking face. He knows why we wanted to attack them and he joins us on our journey of surviving. Even still, some Archidons flee.

Commander Den

Chapter 3: Ambush, Natives that Look Like Speartons!Edit

It's evening after we finish our battle. We decide to rest and to continue marching tomorrow. Just when we lay down to sleep... eerie sounds come - footsteps, light and dangerous.

Yes, the sound was made by humans. Elder and I decided to see who was there. We panic when we see natives armed with spears and shields, like the Speartons, whom we plan to attack on the morrow. We quickly command all the troops to ready.

We shoot arrows continuously at the natives - no effect. It strikes their shields and the arrows break. Our brave soldiers come with their hard clubs. Of course, I'm going to join them. We quickly charge towards one of the natives. We battle long since the native's spear was longer than our clubs and he also had his shield.

I wonder, are Speartons this hard to fight? I don't think much about it. I quickly break the native's shield, leaving him unguarded. Arrows come. Head shot. One down. We shout gloriously. But wait, two more natives come. Again, one of my warriors breaks a native's shield and shoots him in the chest.

I run behind the other native while he blocks arrows and give him a hard blow. After that, more and more natives come. We try to defeat them all - it's exhausting, and I know that Speartons are better fighters than these natives.

I decide to go to the Swordwrath nation first to get more useful weapons and peoples.

Chapter 4: Swordwrath, the Outnumbering TroopsEdit

It's good that Elder finds a way to light the arrows up with fire, which will enhance their attack damage. While my soldiers and I, we've been training until we can move faster than we could before.

So, we marched until we reached the Swordwrath nation. A big bad sword was wielded by a Swordwrath statue. Thousands of Swordwrath swing their blades aggressively which means they are ready and will fight with us. We start to charge.

Rains of fire arrows pierce through the unarmored Swordwrath, burning their bodies. We use our quick reflexes to dodge their dancing swords and then to strike them down. Still, we can't defeat them because they outnumber us. We need a plan.

So, I command my brave warriors to retreat while Elder commands his rangers to shoot burning arrows at the Swordwrath. The Swordwrath are quick, though. Some of them dodge the arrows and begin to attack the Archidons. This is when we smash our clubs into the Swordwrath.

I pick up one of the swords that falls on the ground and begin to slash and dash. At last, we break their statue. The Swordwrath leader, Ganjuran, gives us instructions to make swords.

Then, he leaves. I wonder if he is going to rebel, but I'm excited to upgrade my weapon and my beloved people's weapons. After that, Elder and I decide to go to the Spearton nation, although I know it's hard to fight them.

Chapter 5: Speartons, the Hardest EnemyEdit

So, we march to the Spearton nation, while readying our swords to slash things there. Yes, our names are now changed to Swordwrath.

We march forward and see the mighty Spearton statue in a phalanx stance. We charge when we see that the Speartons are few in number. As we charge, a Spearton throws his spear and kills one of my men.

Oh wow, that's surprising. After that, it's the war against raining fire arrows, dancing swords and piercing spears. The Spearton throws his spear and then unsheathes his dagger, which is small and sneaky. We attack the Spearton, the Spearton blocks.

Arrows fire, the Spearton blocks again. Using my agility, I sneak behind the Spearton's back, but he blocks my way and pierces my hand. I drop my sword, yowling in pain. But I use my other hand to pick it up and start to slash the Spearton's shield, hoping it would break.

But no, the Spearton's shield was harder than I thought. I kick the Spearton's shield, and stab his chest. One down. Still, a wall of shields comes toward me. I quickly dodge the Speartons's spears, and jump onto their backs.

They can't block my high jump. I slash and slash, but it doesn't hurt them because they have metal helmets. I command my troops to jump over to me and start killing the Speartons. Oh, no. We left the Archidons unprotected!

The Speartons quickly run forward and throw their spears at the Archidons. Elder quickly shoots the shaft, which breaks the spear. The other Archidons follow him. But some of them fail and get pierced. We quickly cut the Speartons's heads off, which works after we slash at them several times.

We finally break down the Spearton statue, and that's hard work even after we upgraded our weapons. Greg, the Spearton leader, decides to join us, as he is impressed that we won against them.

We have a strong force now. We start to march to the wise mages's territory, to the Magikill nation.

Commander Greg

Chapter 6: Ambush of the SwordwrathsEdit

After we get the mighty Speartons on our side, we begin to celebrate because we know that we will win against the Magikill and will survive to dominate the whole of Inamorta.

We celebrate till late at night. We sleep soundly. ... what's that sound? Another ambush? I don't worry about it. I go back to sleep.

The next day, while preparing to march against the Magikill nation, I saw Swordwraths on the other side of us. I also saw Ganjuran, the leader of the Swordwrath nation.

I know that Ganjuran is going to fight us. I ask all the leaders to prepare for an outnumbered battle against the Swordwrath. We have six Speartons, twelve Swordwrath and five Archidons. The Swordwrath start to charge towards us.

Our mighty Speartons throw their spears, which kills some Swordwrath. Archidons fire their flaming arrows, which also kills some of them. Still, there are a lot of Swordwrath remaining.

Greg commands the Speartons to block the incoming Swordwrath while I command my warriors to finish them off. After some time, we win.

Ganjuran flees. I think Ganjuran is going to rebel against us. I don't think much of it. We continue to march towards the Magikill nation. Wait, did I tell you that the Magikill can summon minions and stun us?

Chapter 7: Magikill, Smart and UniqueEdit

So, we continued to march until we saw a tall statue that showed a Magikill casting his spell. We march more and more. We prepare to fight against these old wise men.

Last night, before the ambush, we planned on how to cheat the Magikill, even though we know they are wise. We planned to maneuver the Archidons in front of the Magikill while hiding Speartons and Swordwrath behind them.

We charge with five Archidons, with two Speartons and three Swordwrath hiding behind them. A lone Magikill shows up, followed by a minion after he saw us and summoned it. The Archidons shoot the minion in the head, and at the same time the Magikill summons one more minion. Another Magikill shows up.

The Archidons shoot this minion in the head again and the Magikill stuns the Archidons after that. The Speartons immediately come out, throwing their spears at the Magikill, and the Magikill falls. Two more minions are summoned.

I command my Swordwrath to kill the minion. But the other Magikill stuns my Swordwrath and Spearton while the Archidons just recover from the stun. The Archidons kill the Magikill and after these repetitions, we win. It was an easy battle with our strategic plans.

The wise Magikill leader, Wistrond, knows why we did this to them, and joins us. We have a larger force now and plan to conquer the whole of Inamorta.

Chapter 8: Rebels! Swordwrath and ArchidonsEdit

So, we now have a large enough force to conquer all of Inamorta. We are going to be the conquerors of Inamorta which means we are going to have this land all to ourselves. We start our journey to conquer it. About half of Inamorta belongs to us now. But I hear there's a legend about giants lurking in No Man's Land, a place where no man lives....

Okay, forget about that for now. We started to march to Pertland, which I know is just a land of rebels readying to fight us for conquering their land. I think one of the leaders of the rebels is Ganjuran, who survived our attacks.

Swordwrath and Archidons, that's what I hear about the rebel army. Quite a simple army. We're going to smash them as easily as we did the mighty Speartons and the wise Magikills. So, we march to Pertland and see a rebel-like symbol statue. Archidons and Swordwrath are in our way of the statue.

So, we start our first battle against the rebels. I command the miners to mine for gold, while building Swordwrath. After one Spearton is trained, there are about three Swordwrath already here. Attack. They explore half of the land before they see about four Swordwrath and two Archidons rushing towards them.

They begin to skirmish - that was fast. They continue to charge. We have one Magikill, four Speartons, five Swordwrath and three Archidons. I command them to join the attack. The first group, which consists of one Spearton and three Swordwrath, kill two miners and after that the rebels garrison.

As the second group joins the army, the rebel statue begins to be broken down. But the enemy has ten Swordwrath and five Archidons attack our group. After some time, they are smashed down by minions and spears, arrows and swords. At last, we break down the enemy's statue.

We catch Ganjuran, but Ganjuran kills my troops, and flees again, receiving some arrows shot by my Archidons. After we rest, I heard that a new rebel force was gathering in Westwind, which consisted of Magikill and Speartons. The difficulty of defeating our enemy has increased, but that's nothing for my brave troops, as we are going to be the conquerors of Inamorta,

Chapter 9: Rebels Again! Speartons and MagikillEdit

We marched and marched until we arrived at Westwind. Wow, the name is true, the wind is so strong that it seems like it is going to blow you away towards the west. While struggling to survive against the strong wind, we suddenly spot a Spearton and a Magikill.

We look up and see a rebel statue above. These were the rebels we wanted to find. Fish sometimes come out itself, and we are ready to fight with these outnumbered rebel troops. The Miners start to mine the gold upon the Westwind land.

The wind is softer now, so we concentrate on our battle. Five Swordwrath and three Archidons are trained. We're going to use a lower tier unit to outnumber them. That's our plan for defeating them. So, I command the troops to attack. When the group reaches the middle of the land, they see a Spearton and a Magikill.

The Swordwrath begin to attack the Speartons and minions that the Magikill summons. The Archidons shoot flaming arrows at the Magikill. The Speartons don't even get a chance to throw their spears and get slashed apart by our newly-upgraded greatswords. Archidons shoot the Magikill to death before he could cast his spells.

It looked like another victory for Order, until I saw five more Speartons in phalanx mode with three Magikills behind. I got my troops back, while training more troops. I have three Speartons, eight Swordwrath and six Archidons. One Magikill is still in training. I hate waiting you know, so I command my troops to attack.

The Speartons are defeated quickly and the Magikill and minions get shot and pierced by arrows and spears. We charge towards their statue. They have five Magikill there and Ganjuran himself with an elf...Heith? I've seen him before - he's been my enemy since childhood.

Heith wields a bow and has roots surrounding him. Wow, he's improved. I'm going to join the battle myself, as well as meeting Heith. My Speartons quickly kill the Magikill. Ganjuran slashes one of their shields, cracking it a bit. The Swordwrath attack Heith but he shoots some arrows that pierce their heads.

I join the surviving Swordwrath. I use my sword to slash at Heith, which is blocked by his bow. He lands me a kick, and the Swordwrath come to attack Heith again. My Speartons throw their spears at Ganjuran which damages his sword, while Archidons shoot at his wound, burning it.

Heith sees this and quickly casts a spell, healing Ganjuran's wound. I use this chance to attack Heith. He gets slashed by my heavy sword and is injured badly. Ganjuran has a short sword fight with me and he flees AGAIN after slashing my shoulder.

He flees, leaving his sword there. I pick it up and claim it as my own. After that, we continue our journey of conquering Inamorta after the Magikill heals my wound. We will go to No Man's Land now, with its rumors playing in my mind.

Chapter 10: What're those Mysterious Gigantic Shadows? Giants!Edit

We march through several obstacles such as quicksand, sand storms and even a sand tornado. We don't give up though, we keep marching forward, passing these obstacles. All of these obstacles have shown up as we march forward, closer to No Mans Land. I wonder why this destination is so hard to arrive to. Is it because the rumors are real?

We march with our feet stepping on burning sands, ignoring its heat. Some sounds come near - not another sand storm again. Wait. I hear a different sound, it's like a big creature gurgling. STOMP. STOMP. STOMP. The footsteps of the big creature come nearer, and it moves behind us.

I slowly turn my body, and see a big human... wielding a club and corpse. Why a corpse? And why is it wielding a weapon? I command my troops to turn around and prepare for battle. The giant shadow blocks the sunlight from shooting onto our bodies.

Elder commands the Archidons to shoot the giant, but it is useless, their arrows only reflect off its tough skin; same with throwing spears. Greg commands his troops to make a shield wall, and I command mine to attack.

Even though it is such a rare breed, it is still attacking us, so we must fight back. Dancing swords and pitchforks cut the giant's skin as it stuns my troops. The Magikills's stun spell is also not useful against this mysterious giant. A loud sound comes - here comes the real sand storm.

Now I know why humans can't ever live here, now that I've seen it myself. The giants are immune to these sorts of natural disasters. Arrows begin to fly in different directions and my troops struggle to survive against this storm. At last, I trudge toward the giant and give it a hard slash to its leg, immobilizing it.

So, we kill the giant, as it had been rendered lame and was incapable of attack; it is said that if a giant's enemy was able to wound it, it would lay down its arms and surrender itself unto them. After we slay the giant, we march quickly to escape this disastrous land. I hear that Ganjuran has formed another force in the neighboring territory. We have no choice but to fight with the rebels.

Chapter 11: Ambush Again, with a GiantEdit

We march quickly, hoping that the rebels don't come to this land - but I'm wrong. I see a host of Swordwrath in the far east, and a tamed giant beside them. They are going to attack us. We've lost many troops in the previous land. We're going to rebuild our army.

We ignore the disasters. Miners start to mine and I command our remaining troops to defend, which consists of ten Swordwrath, four Archidons, nine Speartons, two Magikill and... what??? One giant is walking past us, focusing its vision on the tamed giant on the other side.

Wow, what a ... glorious image there. Two giants are clashing each other... clubs swing and corpses soar, the tamed giant dies. The other giant walks in the same direction, preparing to attack the trembling Swordwrath there. We now have a chance to attack their force.

We kill the rebel Swordwrath in sight, without losing a single man.The giant gets injured severely, now we have the chance to tame it. Ganjuran is not here, I think he is preparing for battle in the next land. Wait, the natural disasters didn't occur. What a relief!

We gained some troops and a giant after we fought this ambush. We've got a gigantic troop here, which will give us great support in the next battle. At least we did get something here in No Man's Land. We continue to march to the next land where the rebels are preparing to attack us...

Chapter 12: Rebels United! War between Order and the Rebels!Edit

With our tamed giant, we capture more along the way to our next destination. Of course, our troops decrease slightly after these captures. We arrive at the land, seeing lots of troops, including giants, on the other side. I see Ganjuran and Heith here, too.

We begin to battle. Miners use their sharp pickaxes to mine, and several Swordwrath, Speartons and Archidons train. When they are trained, I command them to attack. They meet more Swordwrath and Archidons as they approach the enemy's statue. I command them to retreat.

With more gold, Magikill and Speartons are trained. I free one of the tamed giants to the battlefield. Our troops outnumber theirs, and they arrive at the enemy's statue. Our attack force begins to grow, but the enemy has their giants stun our troops and their Magikill summon minions. Some of our troops are defeated,

I go to the enemy's statue, only to find that all my troops have been defeated. Yes, that's Ganjuran and Heith who did that. I quickly attack them with Elder and Greg. We outnumber them, but the most important thing is skill. Our skills are not that much, so we get injured severely while they get injured too. We fall unconscious as they flee.

After some time, we are healed. We find that Ganjuran and Heith have fled. I hear that there is a larger force in the northernmost part of the land, where eclipses occur every second. We begin to march to this land, knowing that if they fled, they've nowhere else to go, since that land was the last left unconquered by us. After that it was the sea, if they wanted to jump into that...

Chapter 13: Great War Again! What's that Mysterious Aura Around the Gigantic Giant Statue? Edit

We get to the last land, the land where eclipses always occur; and when eclipses occur, we can't see anything. Everything is dark. You feel alone and cold. It's a cool natural phenomena but when it occurs, it will be scary...darkness always surrounding you, like it's going to swallow you...

We march to the enemy's grand base, surrounded by dark, and icy cold. The cold chills us until our heartbeats become slow, same as our movements. We begin to feel weaker, and weaker, and weaker. NO! We're not going to fall now! We are the establishers of Order!

We look to the other side, troops are shivering there too. So, we get ready, and begin to start the battle in this land. Miners slowly mine, and some Swordwrath are trained. They run - no, more like trot, to the battlefield, shivering, looking for any troops. No. A Spearton is trained.

The Spearton joins the Swordwrath. They begin to march forward. The enemy has their Archidons and Speartons there. Some Swordwrath quickly run past the Speartons and kill the Archidons with their great swords. After that, they begin to kill the Speartons.

Two Speartons and eight Swordwrath are trained. They join the force. A Magikill shows up. With his shivering cold old hand, he summons a sluggish minion... weak. The group knocks out the minion, and slashes at the Magikill. All of their progress so far is successful, until they reach the base.

They break the statue... and we win. Wait... a mysterious aura suddenly floats in the air, making us feel eerie. The statue breaks. Pieces of stones fall, revealing a rough skin underneath. More stones fall, and we see the Great Giant. We retreat, shivering in the eerie cold. I release all of my tamed giants, now outnumbering the Great Giant.

Oh no, lots of tamed giants die. But with our support, we kill it. It was a hard battle. Wait... two shadows come...Ganjuran and Heith. They kill all my troops. Elder, Greg and I begin to use our skills and quickly defeat them. We lock them in our mobile prison. Something floats in the air as the next eclipse occurs.

When we turn our heads, we see nothing there. Weird. Ganjuran has disappeared, same as Heith. But at least we're now the conquerors of Inamorta! We began to enjoy our lives - until the rebels came again four years later...