Lobaten Sfzitzlander was a low-born Great Knight who served on the Eclipse Expedition under the command of Parean. He was good friends with Delphius and Uldarlas, who were both roughly the same age as him, but Delphius was much more experienced in combat than him. However, Lobaten was a specialist in using his one-handed axe and halberd, with his family traditionally using the weapons as they could not afford more expensive weapons such as swords, yet preferred polearms and axes to spears.

Despite his relative inexperience, Lobaten was one of the more competent soldiers on the expedition who followed Parean's command well and deployed his fighting skills to a full extent on numerous occasions.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Lobaten partially contains the German word "barte", which means "axe" and is a component of the word halberd, which is also a combination of the German words "halm" (meaning staff) and barte.