Hi everyone! Today I am telling you about one awesome deathmatch battle.

  I build my typical start for ice world, the 3 spearton with shield wall and bash with 5 archidons. I attacked. The enemy had 2 walls. My archers destroy both walls. The castle archers made me retreat. Soon, I have 5 spears, a few archers and a few albows. I got blazing bolts for my albows and I got 2 full grown giants and a magikill. In the end I had 2 giants, 4 speartons and the rest were miners and albows. The other dude attacked with 5 giants. "Yolo" I attack. I put my giants ahead of the albows, so the albows use them as cover. I attack 1 giant at a time. I use mage spells on them. 2 go down and soon I got a meric and a few spears. The other guy retreats. He goes offensive again and giants kept popping up. My albows took him down. Giant after giant dies and soon, I come out on top, and his statue came down. Man, albows and magikill are great.