Orinfori Coreniff was a Great Knight soldier of Riff descent, who participated in the Eclipse Expedition under the command of Captain Parean. An experienced soldier, Orinfori had grown used to death and even enjoyed witnessing scenes of carnage, mocking her friend Wurlam, who was very much the opposite to her in that regard. As a result, she was regarded as one of the more brutal soldiers among the Eclipse Expedition, although nowhere near the standards of Hastini, who was famed for her sadism, who would go as far as keeping trophies of bizarre body parts of her torture victims.

As part of Parean's squadron, she was one of the first soldiers to discover Janiwira Beti, a Rovalian survivor of the destruction of Roval at the hands of Chaos. However, Janiwira treated almost all the Great Knights with a manner of disdain, potentially because of the lateness of the expedition which led to the death of her family and friends due to the lack of reinforcements that the Rovalians received.