Parean Jagmoris was a Great Knight known for her military prowess who, out of frustration at the Great Knight conservatives, eventually joined Chaos and became a Juggerknight. Like Samson and Nircurus, she did not particularly enjoy torturing innocents, but she was incredibly eager to inflict as much pain as possible to those who she loathed, for example Hastini and Kirev. She was also a good friend of Vince, but eventually refused to side with him and did not join his resistance. With similar tactical thinking as Nircurus, the two got on extremely well, often discussing strategy in their free time. Due to her analytical attitude, she was very capable of commanding soldiers to victory with minimal casualties, and scorned the Great Knights who rashly threw their troops at the enemy and sustained heavy casualties.

Childhood Edit

Parean was born in the city of Ivgar, a strategically important city near Fawrim Lake, which defended the Jugular Road, the most important connective route between the capital Invinojug in the North-West, and the important cities of Jagann, New Jugar, Vinfalas and the Vinusian region. It was once under threat from the Dirvishes inhabiting the Engrin Mountains, who were rapidly wiped out when the Great Knights first settled, and therefore was renowned as a military base. As a result, most of the permanent population of the city had links to the military.

This was especially true of Parean: almost all her elder relatives had once served in the military, with the only exception being her second uncle, who was a Datnerin refugee whom the Great Knights rescued. Surrounded by a militaristic family since birth, Parean herself grew to become a soldier herself, spending most of her time studying historical tactics and finding friends among the intellectuals in her community.

As a Great Knight Edit

Parean spent most of her next years in military service, working tirelessly to dislocate the Dirvish tribes that still inhabited the Ice Hills and participating in the infamous Lostathon Campaign, where she successfully countered the Fern Kingdom's counterattack by ambushing an enemy contingent that was part of an encirclement to surround Nircurus' army in Firnost, where he miraculously managed to occupy the capital with a combination of spying, sabotage and cavalry tactics. This subsequently led to the beginning of the collapse of the Fern Army, which would eventually disintegrate in their multiple attempts to recapture their capital, and the eventual success of the Lostathon Campaign as a whole.

Subsequently, she fought in multiple other campaigns before being attached to the Majestic Order - the 4th Great Army.