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Project Remastered Mutt - Brief Overview Edit

Project Remastered Mutt is centered around remastering the only mostly finished original story by Simsim40, the founder and admin of the wiki. This project was finished on 2018/5/15

Detailed Overview Edit

Project Remastered Mutt is in the sub-categories of Staff Approved Projects and Project Remastered. This project also falls into part of Project Orthography. This project mainly focuses around adding more detail, fixing spelling and grammer, and enhancing to overall experience of the original story by Simsim40, The Incredible Mutt. This is a one person project mainly, but can seek help for editing things he missed. The person who takes this project is responsible for updating this page in Project Updates. This project has currently been taken by GAK16.

Project Updates: Edit

18/5/15: Edit

Project finished!

18/5/4: Edit

Chapter 4 rework finished

Chapter 5 rework started

18/5/3: Edit

Chapter 4 rework started

18/5/2: Edit

Chapter list updated; New Chapter 4 (original chapter 3) reworked New Chapter 4 (Original Chapter 3) separated into Chapters 4 and 5. Chapter 5 rework started

18/4/26: Edit

New Chapter 3 Rework finished

18/4/23: Edit

New Chapter 3 rework started

18/4/13-18/4/22: Edit

Inactivity Period

18/4/12: Edit

Minor Edit

Split original Chapter 2 into 2 chapters. Also edited part 1 of original chapter 2 (Now just chapter 2)

18/4/11: Edit

Chapter 1 Remastered

Sneak Peak remastered and enhanced for best experience

GAK16 added a notice that this story is to be remastered