Brief Overview Edit

Project Remastered Uprising is focused on remastering The Arcane Uprising, a story started by Firehammer2004, a content and discussions moderator, which he eventually stopped writing, allowing Pax Orderia and GAK16 to remaster it.

Detailed Overview Edit

Project Remastered Uprising is in the sub-categories of Staff Approved Projects and Project Remastered. This project also falls into part of Project Orthography. This project mainly focuses on rewriting and finishing the story The Arcane Uprising

Project Updates Edit

18/08/13 Edit

After a period of inactivity, the Prelude is remastered from a short statement to a scene depicting Apeiro being discovered stalking the Magikill, revealing his interests in them, and exposing his interests in magic and fighting, eventually convincing them to allow him to join their academy.

The Prelude is modified again slightly after confirmation from Firehammer2004 that the method of invitation was in fact a formal letter delivered to Apeiro in a Hogwarts-esque fashion.

18/07/05 Edit

Orthography check for Chapter 1 complete.