This article is about Queen Medusa from the Warriors of Inamorta/Blood Brothers chronology. For Medusas in other continuities, see Medusa (disambiguation).
Queen Medusa is the ruler of Chaos in the Heroes United continuity.


Medusa, then known as "Meds", belonged to the party of those who escaped from the continents and landed in Inamorta along with her brothers Searton and Gerant. One day in a fight Meds was killed separating the group into 2 parties north and south. Meds was resurrected after Searton got trapped in another dimension and Gerant froze to death. She began conquering her group members' lands as soon as they died and began calling herself Medusa. Then one day Order re-entered Chaos territory, resulting in the events of Stick War 2, and her eventual demise at the hands of Rook and Seeker, two members of the elite Warriors of Inamorta.


  • She is the second Canon character.