Note: reading Character Bios will probably spoil the story 
Interlude 1

The general stepped in into the council meeting, with a new proposal that could change the world as they knew it. he saw the titled floor, the marble wall, the velvet carpet and knew that he had come to the right place.

They sat down and then the meeting proceeded.

"Amm... today we are here to discuss a proposal by General Churchill, General will you proceed?"

"Yes mi lord" Churchill steps up to speak

"Today i have some interesting news to speak to all of you about, its about the magic that fuels our armies"

"What is that" someone asked

"Well we have uncovered ancient potent sources of Magic around our continent, in different areas, we also noticed that they had a similar magic type to what the natives had"

"This is sounding interesting, General, continue on"

"I propose that we gather Magic samples from these Nexuses as we have called them"

"Well, what dangers are there?" said the Administer of Magic

"Ahh... yes, well there are guardians that must be destroyed, made by the Ancients"

"Well, what do we do after we have analyzed the samples then what do we do"

To this the General smiled and said " well then we proceed with my latest project, Project Ultimate Being"

"How do you plan to proceed with the creation of this 'ultimate' being?, General" asked the King

"We infuse the test samples into different people and see how they react" said the General

"What if they die?" said the Registerio

"Then we say they died in a war up north" said the General

after a silence the General asked "are their any objections?"

"Yes!" said some, while others said "no" no one could here what the other side was saying.

"Silence!" the King shouted

The room was suddenly quiet

"Now your complaints one at a time, is that understood" the King glared

"Yes mi lord" they glumly responded

A small man with short, black hair stepped up, he said "is their a likely chance that they die?"

The General thought for a moment, "I don't for sure, thats why we are conducting these test"

The man bowed then returned to his seat. Another person stepped up and asked "how will we be sure that our super soldiers turn on us?"

The General said "then capture them, and their families, then kill their families slowly-"

"STOP!. General, i don't to be seen as a tyrant" the King said

"i apologize mi lord" the General said "then we kill them"

The person bowed and went to his seat

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