Rivinle Linburec was a Great Knight captain who was part of the experimental "Juggernaut" programme, that used new intensive military training techniques to create perfectly loyal soldiers, which Kirev and Uialok were also part of. Being conditioned since the age of 7 to have complete loyalty to the Great Knights, Rivinle was noted for being very bureaucratic, praising the systems of the Great Knights and chiding anyone who fell short of his expectations, going as far as to mock them, in the case of Pepin.

Rivinle was assigned to the Eclipse Expedition to report on all of Pepin's actions as a General and the overall progress of the expedition, which the Council still felt was required, despite the mission's lack of significance to them. Ill-content over his rank as a captain, which he considered as too low, Rivinle constantly criticised Pepin for minor breaches of protocol, and the two subsequently developed an intense hatred for each other.

During the expedition's movement over the Rovalian border, Rivinle's squadron was assigned to watch over the petrified Wingidons they had discovered as their furthest checkpoint. When he joined the vanguard, criticising Pepin as usual, he failed to recognise that the terrain was showing any signs of underground movement. This would be a fatal mistake, as only a few moments later, he was targeted by a Crawler and dragged down from above the ground into a small tunnelling system which the Crawlers had hastily constructed underground, presumably devouring him alive.

Personality Edit

As a Juggernaut, Rivinle displayed his loyalty to the Great Council frequently, demanding protocols to be followed in every single instance, and if that could not be applied, Rivinle would provide as much negative criticism as possible for very minor faults, depending on their political position. He was heavily biased towards fellow Loyalists, but towards reformists such as Pepin, he held in the upmost contempt.

This caustic attitude to others, combined with his own sense of superiority and arrogance for being a Juggernaut, led to his hatred by many other Knights, such as during the Eclipse Expedition, where effectively every knight there hated him. Hence, when he was killed, there was almost no sense of remorse for his death.

Trivia Edit

  • Rivinle was the first named character to die in Eclipse of the Knights (although his death is described passively). The honour of first named death scene instead goes to Yunathrad.