Roleplays allow you to create your own character in Stick Empires that can be used as a chat username and for other things, such as blocking alias'.

Roleplay Guidelines:

  • Your character should be in one of the empires (New empires - Check here)
  • Your character should be a troop in the corresponding empire
  • You should have art to match your character
  • Use the Roleplay Template to create an infobox on your character's page
  • You should put your character and your real username on this page

Please refrain from:

  • Using religious or abusive names
  • Using an alias of someone else on the wiki (Username)
  • Creating multiple bots (Tidus1, Tidus2, Tidus3, etc.)
  • Changing your unit or abilities after you have started a quest into Inamorta

Please refer to this blog post for more information

Planned Roleplays Edit

First Into The North (In progress in Discord Channel)

Eastern Expedition

Western Expedition

Plasma Strike - Space Empire RP to be started

Fey War RP - to be planned out

Characters Edit

First Into The North - The Northern Expedition Edit

Natural Chaos - Fey Island Exploration Edit