Roval is the capital city of the Kingdom of Rovaltinny, and is situated in the southern portion of the kingdom. It defends a strategically important pass between the Twilight Mountains, making it one of the few Rovalian settlements to have any semblance of foreigners, who arrive in very small numbers to trade with the technologically inferior Rovalians. However, the general isolationist attitudes of many Rovalians results in restrictions on this trade.

It was where the palace of the Rovalian king was located, who effectively acted more as a dictator rather than a king, since his children would not automatically inherit the throne - instead their successor would be elected by the Rovalian councils. Although the children of the previous ruler could be eligible for the throne, it usually passed on to another family. At the time of Eclipse of the Knights, the throne had been held by the Tolip family.

The city of Roval itself was irregularly shaped due to the Rovalian Valley in which it was situated. The West and centre districts consisted of urban areas and were the oldest sections of the city. The East of the city instead consisted of primarily farmland, with a few populated districts scattered further away from the city centre, yet still being considered part of Roval. The Western section was significantly smaller by area, but contained the most important buildings in the city, such as the Augur Tower, Jantu Palace, and the majority of the administrative body.