Saelara Rochir was a famous strategist who worked in tandem with her brother Belfaenar Rochir, to bring about the destruction of the Serpentine during the Great Crusades. She was originally an aristocrat living in Westwind who worked with Belfaenar to coordinate his travelling as a knight-errant, often sending him to kill natives in the Desert who had trespassed into their territory. Due to her brilliant tactical analysis and strategies, she successfully predicted the movements of the Serpentine and led the Great Knights to victory, with successful traps and ploys to lure and kill as many Serpentine as possible, and participated in four of the six Great Crusades. After Belfaenar's death, she passed the de facto leadership onto Jygarn Invincibilis, who she saw as a better leader to unite the people, and instead worked tirelessly to rebuild all of the Symphramus region into the realm of the Great Knights.

Trivia Edit

  • "Saelara" is composed of the Sindarin for "wise" ("Sael") and "high" ("ara"), literally translating to high wisdom, reflected in Saelara's strategic and tactical thinking.