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Welcome to Stick Library, a collection of fan stories based on Stick Wars, Stick Wars 2, and Stick Empires. With the revival of this wiki, Bureaucrat Pax Orderia and Admin GAK16 have been working to make this wiki thrive again. This wiki took a sharp turn in 2014 with the decline of Simsim40, the old admin, but the wiki is now once again operational. Please refer to the page titled Decline and Revival for more information.

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If you're a budding author keen to share your writing abilities to the community, or simply a fan of the game who wants to spill out their creative ideas, head over to Project Story, a page which should provide all the guidelines for writing stories here. If you more so want to share your lore ideas with the community, feel free to contact Pax Orderia and SpodermanAlwaysCan if you want to integrate it into our "official" continuity timeline, or just create a page and unleash your creative fury to amaze us outside the bounds of any literary constrictions.

A revamped version of Mister Shadow from SpoodermanAlwaysCan.

Stick Empires Information

For more information on Stick Empires, please check out the Stick Empires Wiki. For more information on the Stick War series as a whole, please check out the Stick War Wiki. For the old Stick Empires Wiki that has since been left to decay due to the lack of moderation, check out the Stick Empires Wiki (confusingly, but logically titled the same thing as its successor), from which articles may be transferred in due course.
Stick Empires is an online virtual world created by Jason Whitman, better known as his online persona Crazy Jay.

Stick Empires features the same gameplay style as Stick War 2. Stick Wars 2 follows the same story of Stick Wars 1, but has a different style of gameplay.

NOTICE: Stick Empires/ Stick Wars 2/ Stick Wars are not for children below the age of 7 based on blood, violence, and weapons. Bear in mind that as a result, the stories and articles on this wiki will have similarly violent themes.


Major Notices will appear here:

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Update 19/01/16: Promotions for SpodermanAlwaysCan to admin and TheGrayStickman to chat moderator! Congratulations to the both of them!

Featured Story

The Incredible Mutt, a story that was recently finished being remastered

Sneak Peak:

'Calm down, calm down,' I thought. An electric wall from the Magikill came out of the wall and hit me. Knocked to the ground, I could feel my heart rate rise. I was breathing faster than normal. 'Don't reach 35, don't reach 35!' I prayed

Breathing rate 35

Then, all of a sudden, my shirt started to tear, my shoes burst open. "Roar!!" Mutt, er, I roared. I looked around and saw him. I finished off Cadenceky for good. I threw a book rack at Cadenceky. Then, I picked up Cadenceky and threw him at Cross. I hoped both were dead, for attacking me and making me a monster. But as soon as he thought I was done fighting, 30 giants are all coming at me. With a flick of my tail and a slash of my claws, I could defeat them easily. But I had no time.

Featured Articles

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  • Negus Tolip was a teenage prince of the House of Tolip, one of the multiple ruling clans in Rovaltinny, which the upper classes usually referred to as "Jantu", while the lower classes named it "Wings". 'more'...
  • Umbra Orthfethio is a Great Knight who was a part of the Northern Expedition that went north. He has a dark grey wolf named Shadow that seems to be around at all times. 'more'...

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In the original Stick War, which is your favourite out of the four original belligerent nations opposing Order?

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