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SpodermanAlwaysCan Conceptions Edit

Copied from my page on the Stick War Wiki. A user called Theldo132 also helped making this, so props to him as well.

Note that this is a bit old, so it isn't my best work.

Welcome! Edit

Welcome to the Unofficial Timeline of Empires, the project created by SpodermanAlwaysCan and Theldo132 to bring the world of Inamorta together. This is completely fanmade, but based off our history to get the most accurate timeline possible. This can also be edited, but please try and follow the rules down below before adding ideas.

Rules and Guidelines Edit

This was a ton of work for both of us, so we would like for you to read these rules before adding ideas.

  • No trolling or spam.
  • Spelling and punctuation should be used correctly, don't worry if you miss one though.
  • Try and keep with the era and empire you're writing in, e.g don't write down something futuristic in the Egyptian Empire or anything like that.
  • Be appropriate with your writing, no gore or sexual additions will be accepted.
  • Do not delete or undo anything done by other users. SpodermanAlwaysCan and Theldo132 can only do so.
  • Have fun and try and be as creative as you want.

Empire Heroes Edit

  1. Amun - The god of creation, this unit has high attack damage, high health, and high speed. This unit costs 2500 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  2. Hathor - The god of love, this unit has a low attack, high health, and extremely high speed. She can have the enemy units avoid attacking her units. Hathor costs 1600 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  3. Ra - The god of the sun, this unit has a high attack damage, mediocre health, and high speed. This unit costs 2000 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  4. Horus - The king of the gods, this unit has extremely high attack damage, extremely high health, and extremely high speed. This unit costs 3000 mana. This unit is part of the Egyptian Empire.
  5. Spartacus - The strongest gladiator in the Roman Empire, has extremely high health and defence. This unit costs 1000 gold.
  6. King Midas - The king of the Midas Empire. Has high attack and costs 1000 gold.
  7. King Vikra - The king of the Indian Empire. Has high defense and costs 1100 gold and 100 mana.
  8. Blackbeard - The captain of the Buccaneer Empire. Has high attack and costs 1300 gold.
  9. Broden - The most elite Bezerker in the Relic Empire. Has high health and costs 1000 gold.
  10. Kai - The most elite Spearton in the Order Empire, slayed the final boss of Stick Wars: Legacy. Has high health and costs 1000 gold.
  11. Dreadra - The king of the Undead Empire. Has high speed and costs 900 gold.
  12. Slugg - The king of the Toxic Empire. Has high attack and costs 900 gold.
  13. Kodran - The king of the Ordell Empire. Has extremely high attack and costs 1200 gold.
  14. Bantrodan - The king of the Brute Legion. Has extremely high attack, defence, and health. Costs 5000 gold.
  15. Sinz - The leader of the Sinz Gang. Has extremely high attack, but somewhat low health. Costs 1000 gold.
  16. Dein - The leader of the United Nations of the Ordell. Has mainly melee advantages, and costs 2000 gold.
  17. Brody - The leader of the Brutallion Gang. Has extremely high health, but somewhat low attack. Costs 1200 gold.
  18. Textan - The leader of the ReOrder. Has an extremely powerful melee attacks with his knife. Costs 1200 gold.
  19. Skully the Ultimate - 1 of the 2 leaders of the Skeletronian Empire. Fast, armoured unit with high health, high damaging halberd and shield. Boosts all allied units’ damage and speed when nearby. Can throw halberd and then draws a dagger (with same damage output), and regains halberd after 20-30 seconds. While blocking with shield is invulnerable but cannot move, attack and loses passive abilities while doing so. Note: you get 1 hero for the Skeletronian Empire per battle, they cannot be purchased and you must choose between the 2.
  20. Darkblade the Unforgiving - The second leader of the Skeletronian Empire and brother to Skully the Ultimate. Has strong magic attack and summons Skeletronian Blades. Has a Hell Fists ability and a Gold Rush ability. Has low hp for a hero and is somewhat slow. Note: you get 1 hero for the Skeletronian Empire per battle, they cannot be purchased and you must choose between the 2.

The Unofficial Timeline of Empires Edit

  1. ==The Clubmen==
  2. Wrath - The first advanced organism of mankind, this unit can mine small amounts of stone and fight with considerably low power. This unit costs 50 stone.
  3. Clubman - A Wrath armed with a basic club that deals more damage than the original but cannot mine, this unit costs 45 stone.
  4. Slingman - A Wrath with a sling armed with stone, consumes 5 stone with every toss, but does more damage than both the Clubman and Wrath, and costs 60 stone.
  5. ==The Egyptian Empire==
  6. Ancient Priest - The earliest form of organized workers, this unit can generate large amounts of mana and small amounts of gold. This unit costs 100 mana. Is needed to create any of the gods.
  7. Spearwrath - The earliest form of organized soldiers, this unit has a mediocre attack damage and low health. This unit costs 100 mana and 25 gold.
  8. Bowrath - The earliest form of organized archers, this unit has a high attack damage and extremely low health. This unit costs 125 mana and 25 gold.
  9. ==The Roman Empire==
  10. Townsman - A form of the miner, this unit has low health and gains moderate amounts of gold. Costs 100 gold.
  11. Centurian - While not a true soldier, the Centurian can guide the Legiantons into formations to boost chances of survival that the units couldn't have done without the Centurian. Costs 100 gold.
  12. Auxiwrath - Recruited from other civilizations, the unit deals medium damage and has low health. Costs 100 gold.
  13. Legianton - The strongest fighters in the Roman Empire, the unit does medium damage and has high health. The ancestor to the Spearton, this unit costs 300 gold.
  14. Cavalrae - The cavalry of the Roman Empire, the unit has high speed and health. Costs 350 gold.
  15. ==The Midas Empire==
  16. Peasant - Used to collect gold and mana. Costs 100 gold.
  17. Spearwrath - Peasants with spears, good for small fights. Costs 125 gold.
  18. Bruteman - Better equiped than Spearwrath. Costs 200 gold.
  19. Troyal - Shieldmen used to protect other units. Costs 150 gold.
  20. Mitadon - Earlier forms of Archidons. Costs 250 gold.
  21. Bruntsen - The knights of the Midas Empire. Costs 350 gold.
  22. Kingsman - Midas's personal guards. Costs 500 gold.
  23. Myant - Armored giants that are held in great honor in their homelands. Uses a large escalibur in combat. Costs 1700 gold.
  24. ==The Native Empire==
  25. Native Gatherer - The primitive miner of their time, the Gatherer was a unit that could gather a low amount of money. The unit costs 75 gold each.
  26. Azewrath - The basic warrior of the Natives, the Azewrath was a unit that was powerful but extremely vulnerable. The unit costs 100 gold each.
  27. Nateon - The primitive Spearton, the Nateon has the ability to sacrifice, Which destroys himself, and spreads his health to his surrounding units. The unit costs 350 gold and 100 mana each.
  28. Slingwrath - The Slingwrath was the basic ranged unit of their time, the Slingwrath was a slow firing Slingmen. The unit costs 150 gold.
  29. ==The Buccaneer Empire==
  30. Trader - The basic form of wealth in the empire, the unit can gain gold efficiently with a bit of patience. Costs 125 gold each.
  31. Oarswrath - Former sailors or adventurers equipped with wooden oars, this unit is weak, but very cheap. Costs 80 gold.
  32. Cutwrath - Higher regarded Oarswrath wielding a sharp cutlass. Somewhat strong, but cheap. Costs 125 gold.
  33. Flintman - Flintlock wielding pirates plenty of scurvy, costs 150 gold.
  34. Carggan - While not a real unit, the unit can transport up to 20 units via water. Costs 950 gold.
  35. Battleship - While not a real unit, the Battleship can transport 10 units and attack via water. Costs 1200 gold.
  36. ==The Order Empire==
  37. Alchemist - A slightly more evolved version of a Meric. The unit costs 500 gold and mana, and is able to create and throw potions that have the chance to hold one of three upgrades, attack (5/10 chance), defense (4/10 chance), and a possible chance of a second life (1/10 chance).
  38. ==The Relic Empire==
  39. Summoners - Reminiscent of the original Magikill, has ability to spawn mercenaries to your disposal.
  40. Bezerkers - Melee tank whose attacks grow stronger as his health lowers.
  41. Militen - Once created, it immediately creates 10 clones of himself. The unit is extremely weak in every way besides speed, and costs 200 gold.
  42. Moltoven - A unit with the ability to throw exploding molotovs.
  43. Houndsman - Summons the dogs, equivalent to the Chao's crawlers, wields a smaller, weaker bow.
  44. Warper - The Warper is a very skilled unit with low health, having the ability to teleport, exactly what it sounds like, detonation, which combusts the closest swordwrath or archidon, and protocol, which sends him and the closest enemy next to him into the vacuum of space.
  45. Mana Spirit - A unit that formed from the mixture of oxygen and mana, a unit that costs 300 mana, can easily upgrades nearby units attack and damage reduction, 3 units at the maximum, and they can explode for high damage.
  46. Shieldman - A large group of Speartons that had traded their spears for a larger shield, able to tank damage with their shield, untouchable to Archidons, and has no weapon.
  47. Soul Leach - Reaper's small minions, expandable and extremely cheap, can only deals damage to units with mana cost, regains health from it's victims, but constantly loses it. Costs 50 gold.
  48. Gold Wizard - Costs 1,000 gold and takes up 5 units, can regenerate gold mines to full ore in less than 20 seconds. Does no damage.
  49. ==The Undead Empire==
  50. Ghoul - The deceased soul of a Miner. Only costs 25 gold, 50 mana, and no unit space. It confuses the closest unit, having that said unit attack his fellow soldiers. Does not effect the Undeads.
  51. Nightmare - An aerial melee unit, avoids all attacks done by non-magical units. Swoops into the unit, and tears into it immediately, which can kill a Swordwrath in a fraction of a second. Costs 500 gold and 200 mana.
  52. Reaper - A Chaos unit introduced after the death of Medusa, a very expensive with high damage and medium health, when it kills something, the owner gains mana. Is reminiscent of the Marowak.
  53. Parasite - A chaos unit that was formed on the stomach of a deceased Undead, a unit that costs 100 gold and mana, it can control the unit closest to him for up to 10 seconds, sending him flailing into the onslaught of your army, never to be seen again.
  54. Frost Giant - Based off the Asgardian legend, the Frost Giant wields a heavy club in his right hand. After his health has been lowered halfway, he drops his club, walking near the mines, and pulls chunks of ore out of the ground. Using the ore as a boulder, then using his Frost Breath to finish off the opponent. The Frost Giant is weaker than all other giants. The Frost Giant legion is seperated into two empires.
  55. ==The Blood Empire==
  56. Leukocyte - Formed from billions of white blood cells, the Leukocyte has an extraordinarily high attack, although slightly lessened defense from that of the Spearton.
  57. Blood Pool - A pool that heals blood units and disables their constant damage and cannot heal anything else. But can heal enemy Blood units.
  58. Blood Wall - A structure that protects any Blood units from 75% damage done by an opponent. Constantly loses health, but can be rebuilt by the miner.
  59. Blatrin - Alchemics that had gone insane after researching the properties of blood, the Blatrin are crazed melee units that are slightly weaker to that of the Spearton. They are a close representation of the Order's Swordwrath.
  60. Bratrodin - Leukocytes that wield infected bows, the Bratrodin has an extremely high HP and attack, but constantly lose health. Can be regained from killing enemy units.
  61. ==The Toxic Empire==
  62. Toxic Chompling - A large group of mutated Chomplers that where abandoned, creating their own empire. These extremely weak units slowly engulf an enemy unit, consuming it whole creates another slime. These are the basic units used for the rest of the units in the Toxic Empire.
  63. Sludgemen - A combination of 20 different Toxic Chomplings, the Sludgemen is a loyal unit that has the exact strength of the Spearton, but with the ability to seperate back into 20 Toxic Chomplings.
  64. Mutarcher - A combination of 15 different Toxic Chomplings, the Mutacher is a ranged unit that can fire up to three poison arrows, and can seperate back into 15 Toxic Chomplings.
  65. Toxicaster - A combination of 5 Toxic Chomplings and 1 Mutarcher, this unit is ranged, sending projectiles of toxin at the enemy, and can seperate back into 5 Toxic Chomplings and 1 Mutarcher.
  66. Slimewrath - A combination of 5 different Toxic Chomplings, the Slimewrath is physically identical to that of a Swordwrath. These units are great in numbers, so many strategies can be created using this unit. It cannot seperate back into the 5 different Toxic Chomplers.
  67. Sludgebomb - A combination of 2 different Toxic Chomplers , the Sludgebomb is a bundle of mutated bombers caught from the deceased Chaos Empire. The unit is much faster than the bomber however, giving your army a slick advantage.
  68. Mutant - A combination of 10 different Sludgebombs, the Mutant has somewhat high health, launching Sludgebombers at the enemy. 
  69. Atrocity - A combination of 80 Toxic Chomplings, the Atrocity is as powerful as the Stick Wars: Legacy final boss. With a combination of melee/ranged attacks, this unit is the strongest of any empire.
  70. ==Bedell Empire==
  71. Duelswrath - A fleet of Swordwrath that crafted and wields duel fencing swords. Does cost 250 gold, and can attack much quicker than the Swordwrath, does have slightly less health.
  72. Axewrath - A Swordwrath wielding a large battleaxe that can 1-hit kill a Swordwrath, albeit slowly.
  73. Pocwrath - Homeless men used to deal minor damage using pocket knives. Costs 75 gold.
  74. Machewrath - Men wielding machetes with somewhat low health. Costs 100 gold.
  75. Excalibrath - Legendary men wielding the Excalibur, swords forged with the finest materials known to man. Costs 800 gold.
  76. Throwrath - Swordwrath using throwing knives to deal with foes. Costs 150 gold.
  77. Oarswrath - Former sailors or adventurers equipped with wooden oars, this unit is weak, but very cheap. Costs 80 gold. Were reused from the Buccaneer Empire.
  78. Cutwrath - Higher regarded Oarswrath wielding a sharp cutlass. Somewhat strong, but cheap. Costs 125 gold. Were reused from the Buccaneer Empire.
  79. Katahwrath - Just the Swordwrath with a katana. Costs 200 gold.
  80. ==The Ordell Empire==
  81. Destruction Worker - Able to attack by going underground, popping up straight under the enemy, gaining small amounts of gold in the process. Uses a drill and needs the factory.
  82. Duelswrath - A fleet of Swordwrath that crafted and wields duel fencing swords. Does cost 250 gold, and can attack much quicker than the Swordwrath, does have slightly less health.
  83. Drillbiter - A modernized miner with the fastest equipment around, the Drillbiters are improved miners used by the Ordell Empire, the Drillbiter cannot pray. Can also create a factory.
  84. Chaingrip - A soldier equiped with the latest weapon of destruction, the Chainbiter is twice as strong as the Swordwrath. Needs the factory.
  85. Musketeer - Were originally a small fleet Archidon whom discovered the use of gunpowder, inventing primitive muskets. Unit that wields a musket with a slow reload, can act as a sniper if necessary. Can be upgraded for grapeshots and/or laser sighting. Needs the factory.
  86. Revalien - A group of revolver-wielding Musketeer with the itch to fire, this unit is a somewhat weak, but has a higher firing rate than the Musketeer. Costs 200 gold and needs the factory to be built.
  87. Medical Engineer - Once a selection of the most elite Merics, now a unit that can heal and support any unit built by a factory. Only five of these units can be made.
  88. Destruction Worker - The Destruction Worker can throw up to 10 bombs, has to return to factory to reload. Costs 300 gold and 2 population.
  89. Mark I - The oldest and roughest tanks ever produced, these units can hold up to 20 shells before reloading back at the factory. Slow but operational, the Mark I costs 800 gold.
  90. Mark II - The slight improvement to the Mark I, this unit can hold up to 25 shells before reloading back at the factory.These units are slightly faster, and cost 1000 gold.
  91. Mark III - The improvement to Mark II, this unit is equiped with Lewis machine guns, and never has to go back to the factory. Being the same speed of the Mark II, this unit costs 1200 gold.
  92. Mark IV - An improvement of the Mark III, this unit is better armored and can hold up to 40 shells before reloading. These units cost 1400 gold.
  93. ==The Brute Legion==
  94. Atrocity - A combination of 80 Toxic Chomplings, the Atrocity is as powerful as the Stick Wars: Legacy final boss. With a combination of melee/ranged attacks, this unit is one of the strongest of any empire.
  95. Frost Giant - Based off the Asgardian legend, the Frost Giant wields a heavy club in his right hand. After his health has been lowered halfway, he drops his club, walking near the mines, and pulls chunks of ore out of the ground. Using the ore as a boulder, then using his Frost Breath to finish off the opponent. The Frost Giant is weaker than all other giants. The Frost Giant legion is seperated into two empires.
  96. Myant - The original giants of the Midas Empire, the Myant came back armored in platinum. It costs 2100 gold.
  97. Diamiant - A diamond variant of the Ordell's giant, costs 2000 gold.
  98. Emiant - An emerald varient of the Ordell's giant, costs 1900 gold.
  99. Rubiant - A ruby varient of the Ordell's giant,costs 1800 gold.
  100. Sappiant - A sapphire varient of the Ordell's giant, cost 1700 gold.
  101. Ameythiant - An ameythst varient of the Ordell's giant, costs 1600 gold.
  102. Peridotiant - A peridot variant of the Ordell's giant, costs 1900 gold.
  103. ==The Sinz Gang==
  104. Siniwrath - A gang of pyschotic Swordwrath with the will to kill, the Siniwrath is a slightly stronger version of the Swordwrath that costs 200 gold. The Siniwrath can learn backstab, the ability to destroy a unit weaker than a Spearton with a swift stab to the skull. The Siniwrath is part of the Sinz Gang.
  105. Sinman - A group of hitman itching to kill, the Sinman is a ranged unit that has a high speed and low defence. This unit costs 500 gold each. The Sinman wields two pistols and a knife.
  106. Dealer - The smuggler of all things illegal, this unit can gain substancial amounts of gold in a small amount of time. Costs 250 gold each.
  107. Sindra - The cover fire of the gang, the Sindra has an extremely fast fire-rate. These units cost 400 gold each. The Sindra is equiped with a machine gun.
  108. Ratrin - The creatures of the sewers, the Ratrin are extremely cheap but weak, They cost 25 gold each.
  109. ==The United Nations of Ordell==
  110. Crewman - A modern Drillbit that weilds a faster drill, this unit gains an extremely high amount of gold. Costs 200 gold.
  111. Snidon - A powerful group of Musketeers with the newest technology available, the Snidon can eliminate up to a Spearton in one hit. Costs 1700 gold.
  112. Gundra - An army of machine gun weilding men at your command, these units have an extremely fast fire-rate. These units cost 500 gold each.
  113. Rylmen - An older type of infantry unit that came back to serve the Ordell, these units have a lower reload than the Gundra, but a higher attack damage. These units cost 400 gold each.
  114. Gundwrath - A group of Gundras that ditched their machine gun for a pistol and knife, these units are very powerful up close, but weak from range. These units cost 300 gold each.
  115. ==Skeletronian Empire==
  116. Skeletronian Miner - Normal miner with reduced hp but has a weak melee attack. Costs 150 gold.
  117. Skeletronian Melee - Cheap, disposable unit with low damage and hp. Costs 50 gold.
  118. Skeletronian Plagued - Medium hp unit with low direct attack but poisons enemy units but loses hp slowly over time. Costs 150 gold and 50 mana.
  119. Skeletronian Blade - Swordwrath with increased damage but lower health. Costs 125 gold (100 with upgrade).
  120. Skeletronian Lance - Fast, low hp unit with devastating charge attack but low attack speed. Causes stun and knockback but charge will be broken by any damage. Costs 300 gold.
  121. Skeletronian Mace - Slow, armoured unit with high attack and ignores armour but has low attack rate. Costs 400 gold and 50 mana.
  122. Skeletronian Musket - Archidon but with longer range, armour piercing shot as well as higher damage but terrible rate of fire and incredibly low hp. Costs 350 gold.
  123. Skeletronian Flight - Fast air unit with slingshot with low damage but spammy fire rate. Also has poison upgrade available. Costs 500 gold.
  124. Skeletronian Necromancy - Magikill with raised hp and summons Skeletronian Melees, has low damage output and no stun but has Hell Fists and a Weaken ability which reduces a target’s damage, hp, speed, etc. by roughly 40%. Costs 750 gold and 250 mana.
  125. Skeletronian Skull Carrier - Slow, low hp unit with strong passive healing ability. Active abilities include resurrection of recently killed units and curing units of debuffs. Costs 500 gold and 150 mana.
  126. Skeletronian Knife - Extremely fast unit with low damage from front but backstab is 10x more damaging. Inflicts poison and targets expensive units e.g Giants, Magikill, etc. Costs 500 gold and max. 4 Skeletronian Knifes in play at 1 time.
  127. Skeletronian Elite - Fast, armoured unit with halberd and shield can be manually switched between that and musket (same as Skeletronian Musket). Boosts all allied units’ damage and speed when nearby. Can throw halberd and then draws a dagger (with same damage output). While blocking with shield is invulnerable but shield will break after sustained damage. Becomes significantly more powerful if statue has 50% hp or less. Costs 1,000 gold and 200 mana.
  128. ==The Brutallion Gang==
  129. Brodath - The knifemen of the Brutallion Gang, the Brodath are slaughterers used to kill as many units as possible as fast as possible. These units cost 250 gold each.
  130. Dealer - The same as the Sinz gang's Dealer, these units cost 250 gold each.
  131. Broden - A group of hitmen itching to kill, the Broden is a ranged unit that has a high speed and low defence. This unit costs 500 gold each. The Broden wields two pistols and a knife.
  132. Siegeman - The funders of Project Siege, the Siegemen can create the facility. A highly defensive facility that all of Project Siege uses.
  133. ==Project Siege==
  134. Trozeidon - Gundra that had been genetically morphed into a mechanical gunmen, who are much stronger than any before it. They've retreated to the strongest gang in Immorta, the Brutallion gang out of shame, becoming part of Project Siege.
  135. Siegren - The fugitives of the Ordell, the Siegren is a melee robotic organisms that are stronger than the original Swordwrath. Joining Project Siege after leaving the Ordell nation.
  136. Brutodra - A mechanical tank equipped with a large claw that can rip through metal, the Brutodra is highly defensive and offensive, but very slow. The unit costs 1600 gold.
  137. Treadra - A mechanical tank equipped with colossal treads that terrifies the likes of giants, the Treadra is extremely defensive, but not very strong. The unit costs 1500 gold.
  138. Mekandra - The first leap into the world of the future, the Mekandra is a mech that has extremely high attack and defense. The Mekandra can be controlled by a Trozeidon to boost the unit's stats. The unit costs 1800 gold.
  139. ==Team Aftermath==
  140. Simon - The lone survivor of the Sinz gang after the aftermath, Simon is extremely powerful against mutants and has the ability to do low damage at a distance with his pistol.
  141. Dein - One of the only survivors of the United Nations of Ordell after the aftermath, Dein is powerful at a distance, weilding a machine gun as a weapon.
  142. Brody - One of the three survivors of the Brutallion gang, Brody uses brass knuckles, being very powerful in melee.
  143. Vince - Dein's fanboy, very weak in both melee and range, but is the only unit able to manuever turrets and large weaponry.
  144. Brock - Brody's partner in crime, Brock is mixed between melee and ranged skills, although prefers melee.
  145. Litra - A member of the Brutallion gang that sat in hole to survive the aftermath. Litra is powerful with ranged, dual wielding pistols at her disposal.
  146. ==Team Deadbeat==
  147. Deadbeat - Assassins used to cleanse the world of the rest of the surviving human species. Costs 200 gold.
  148. DB - A former Sinz member, DB is meant to command and lead Team Deadbeat.
  149. Devin - DB's scout, used to lead DB out of a brutal fight.
  150. Scumbag - The looters that dwell the abandoned areas of Inamorta, gaining a somewhat high amount of gold every minute.
  151. SB - The wealthiest looters of the team, this unit gathers an extremely high amount of gold in the process.
  152. ==The Undead==
  153. Undead - The exact same as the Chao's Undead.
  154. Ripcage - The legless Undead, crawls towards opponents, eventually infecting them into zombies via biting their legs. Costs 150 gold.
  155. Brainless - Unintelligent slow living corpses that clumsily slash at enemy units. Costs 125 gold.
  156. Dead - The classic zombie, eats away at the enemy until it's one of them. Costs 150 gold.
  157. Runner - The classic zombie, but faster. Costs 250 gold.
  158. ==The ReOrder==
  159. Brunten - The dimmed down equivalent of the Gundra after the Aftermath, wields a single pistol and costs 200 gold.
  160. Economist - A dealer that creates money from bottles caps, gaining a somewhat high amount of gold every minute.
  161. Holian - Some of the holy few that are ignored by the Undead, wields duel knives. Costs 500 gold.

Images and Videos Edit

Amun's image, created by SpodermanAlwaysCan.

History of the Stick Wars: Created by Theldo132 and revised by SpodermanAlwaysCanEdit

Since the primitive warriors of the Ice Age, to the gunman of the modern century, the world has always been at war. The era of organized warfare began with the Egyptians, who formed different cultures between each other, causing the differences in religion to split them apart. Three tribes escaped their lands in fear of extinction, and began to evolve in different lands. The three had formed treaties with each other, which were broken faster than they where created. The era had began to change, and as each evolved, they rose to claim the Native status. The Natives began to rely on ranged weapons, causing population of their tribes to decrease. The three had begun the Roman era, as warfare rose dramatically, as well as the advancing in their tribes, which was soon changed to the name "empires" instead. Until one tribe became vanquished, as Spartacus had slain the ruler, Pyyrhus, ending the empire. The other two had rose to the Royal Era, where the Midas Empire had become prominent in the war. The other tribe began to focus on religion and peace, rather than war, forming the Native Tribe. After the Midas Empire evolved into the Order Empire, it demolished the Natives. Few of the Order's enemies remained, become rebels that the Order would trample in the original Stick Wars. Medusa, who had lurked in the darkness, slowly forming an empire throughout the warfare, had became sick of the Order playing god. The Chaos Empire, a strong and independent army, was defeated by Kai and the rest of the Order. The Order Empire had a rebellion, and the Relic Empire was formed. The Order Empire had been examining the bacteria, blood, and infestation of the corpses of the remaining Chaos Empire, which was mutated accidentally onto the Alchemists. The mutants where abandoned, leaving them to create the Blood, Skeletronian, Toxic, and Undead Empires. After the Relic Empire had realized the war was being lost, an alliance formed between the four empires. The Order was still able to defeat the alliance, and began to live in peace. The small amount of the remaining Relic Empire formed the Bedell Empire, in hopes to become part of the Order once again. The Order accepted, and formed the new Ordell Empire. Warfare was waged between small rebellions, so the military became fond of tanks and primitive rifles and pistols from the use of factories. The Ordell soon reunited with some of the small rebellions, forming the United Nations of Ordell. Modernized machine guns, rifles, pistols, and knives were used to wage war against the strong and large Sinz and Brutallion. The Brutallion gang soon began Project Siege, and warfare had began to become life for each of the empires.

GAK16's Conception and Pax Orderia's: Edit

New empires: 3 new unlockable and playable empires: Space Empire, Great Knight Empire, and Serpentine Empire. 1 new AI only empire, and 2 secret empires unlockable through DLC (More DLC to come)

Great Knights Empire:

  • Halberdier - Mêlée infantry: Halberdiers use a halberd, a very versatile type of polearm with an axe-like attachment at the top, and are effective against armoured units such as Knights, but weak against ranged units as they themselves lack any armour or shields.
  • Skirmishers - Light ranged: Skirmishers use light hunting bows and a javelin, used to soften up enemy formations for heavy infantry to then smash through.
  • Knight - Tank, mêlée infantry: Knights are the backbone of the Great Knight military, armed with heavy shields and one-handed axes, as well as an arming sword as a sidearm, and are used to directly charge against enemy lines.
  • Esoteric Exile - Ranged spellcaster: Esoteric exiles are followers of Magikill who were exiled for their research into deviating forms of magic, and now serve as guardians of artifacts the Great Knights reclaimed and archived. They use a variety of spells, such as physical illusions, which appear as invincible beasts and fight actively for several seconds, or projections, which can either flash masses of enemies or cause them to rout (so they cannot be controlled until they reach the castle), at which point they are completely vulnerable and cannot fight.
  • Axe-thrower - Heavy ranged, support: Axe-throwers use two types of axes - the tomahawk and the francisca. The tomahawk is a lighter, multi-purpose axe used to target specific enemies, while the francisca has a heavier blade and a shorter handle, being designed to shatter enemy lines and cohesion.
  • Mounted Knights - Heavy cavalry, speed: Mounted Knights serve as heavy cavalry, with armour, and large horses. They are most effective when charging, which can also shatter enemy cohesion at certain weak points with their sheer mass, but their main advantage is cycle charging, where knights can charge, escape before their enemy can recover and charge again at the same point, causing more damage.
  • Juggernaut - Giant, tank infantry, AOE damage: Juggernauts are the elite component of the Great Knights army, wearing characteristically spiked armour to plough through enemy formations. While charging, Juggernauts are almost impossible to stop and are capable of breaking through any line, as well as having very heavy armour. However, they are also very slow when not charging and during retreats, are usually more vulnerable.
  • Theryn Hunter - Flying ranged, can perform mêlée: The Theryn are a race of stickmen with eagle-like wings who are capable of flying and are allied with the Great Knights. Theryn Hunters use bows or crossbows, but another characteristic is their ability to drop down directly on enemies with two blades, which can almost instantly kill their target.
  • Kyrie - Flying Melee-ranged: Kyrie are elite knights with increased speed and increased health; Uses smoke bombs to stun enemy troops and create fog of war when troops are retreating - Uses Sword when arrows are deplenished, swooping down and picking out enemy lines
  • Miner - Support, mines gold and prays for mana, can construct a spike pit hidden from the enemy which will ensnare and damage them severely while stunning them, for one time use.

Advantages: The Great Knights have multiple units capable of charging and stunning the enemy, and almost all their frontline units are heavily armoured, making them well protected against regular projectile fire and giving them high endurance against their opponents.

Disadvantages: Despite their high health and armour, Great Knights are particularly vulnerable to poison effects and burn, since they lack frontline healers and have to rely on garrisoning their troops to heal them. On longer maps, this can be particularly frustrating, especially if the opponent has a lot of poisoning units, more specifically, the Gorgon. In addition, heavier troops, with the exception of the Knights and Mounted Knights, are particularly vulnerable to being pursued due to their slow speed while not charging. Their units are also more expensive and less numerous as they take up a higher population.

Space Empire:

  • Glorf - Miner and prayer that evolves from Slime Warrior
  • Slime Warrior - Melee warrior that encases the troop that killed the warrior in slime, imobilizing them for 3 seconds (The troop can still be attacked) (Effect does not work on flying or large troops[Supersized(Elemental Empire Spell) or tank])
  • Space Archer - Ranged attacker that shoots stun arrows every 4 arrows; When armor is destroyed, Space Archer turns into a stun turret with 1 health bar
  • Legion Strike - Spell that requires at least 3 space archers and up to 5 - space archers' arrows become plasma arrows that inflict burn and stun; Archer fire rate increases; lasts for 3 seconds
  • Mage - Ranged Spellcaster- Mages are more advanced than Magikill and Infernos, as they have unlocked Shard, an ice version of Vastolis that uses freeze. Mages are also capable of casting a 'Blind Gate II' spell with a castle upgrade. It works the same as the original blind gate from the elemental empire, but enemy troops can go through it, stunning them for 3 seconds - Blind Gate II lasts for 10 seconds
    • Deku - Deku are tanks that spawn 2 Deku Babies (Similar to a Slime Warrior, but has less health and damage). Dekus become a ranged enemy troop on the enemies side when they die. (Order, Archidon/Allbowtross[1/10 chance]; Chaos, Dead/Eclipsor[1/10 chance]; Elemental, Fire/Infernos[1/10 chance]; Great Knights, Exile/Hunter[1/10 chance]; Serpentine, Cobartillery/Elapids[1/10 chance])
  • Space Knight - A more powerful version of a Knight from the Great Knights Empire; uses a concentrated energy sword - throws the sword at 1/2 health and draw 2 throwing hunting knives, throwing them - then can take out a plasma bow. Weakness: Can be swarmed
  • Destroyer - Elite melee troops that use double plasma stun knives wrecking havoc among enemy lines
  • Kenstha - Flying ranged - Kenstha have plasma crossbows that are modified to shoot arrows faster than normal and shoot plasma arrows with stun and increased damage every 5 arrows

Serpentine Empire:

  • Biter - Support - Mines for gold and prays to the statue for mana; Can construct poisoned miner wall with castle upgrade [Serpent Miner Wall]
  • Serpent Warrior - Melee warrior who poisons the enemy who kill the warrior upon death with blue poison (Blue poison is regular poison except it wears off after 5 seconds [3 damage cycles])
  • Cobartillery - light ranged who shoots poison arrows with castle ability
  • Dirvish - Light infantry, capable of self-sacrificial suicide: Dirvishes are usually equipped with short spears, tridents or short swords, given their diminutive stature, and some are armed with gunpowder sacks, which they can light to explode themselves, essentially becoming a suicide bomber.
  • Gorgon, a spellcaster has purple snake poison, which deals more damage and is more constant than regular poison. Purple poison can also spread throughout enemy ranks - purple poison wears off after 7 seconds if the troop is not dead
  • Serpenight - Axe-armed melee with high damage and medium health - Upgrade for purchase to make a mounted Serpenight
  • Sneake - A sneaky melee warrior who has a castle ability (Serpenobi I + II) that can cloak him to expolde with poison behind enemy lines (Dies when Serpenobi is used to spread Poison)
  • Elite Elipsor - Flying ranged with high health and normal damage that turns into a Serpent warrior when the wing health is deplenished
  • Snakint - Heavy health melee that turns into a Biter upon death
  • Spitting Elapids - Light ranged, poison and flash damage: Spitting elapids are cobras which are capable of spitting venom, which does little physical damage, but if it enters the eyes, it can blind a person, as well as poisoning their bloodstream if it enters any wounds.

New troops for original Stick Empires Empires:

Order: Kageki - a troop that uses a staff infused with the powers of flames

For Chaos: Elite Juggerknight - a juggerknight that has common sense, so it has more health, more damage and more sensibility, however it is slower

For Elemental: Wingidon - revived using V's power, Wingidons act like Eclipsors except they have armor, meaning increased health, and stronger wings, but less speed and less damage that eclipsors

New gameplay:

  • SE and SW have been combined into one game! After you complete the first part of the campaign and unlock the full Order empire, you are able to play PvP stick empires. You start with the order empire and can unlock new empires for SE by buying them with eCoins or winning a new troop in SW campaign unlock order every 10 battles, increasing the lapse in between by 5 every time a troop of your choice is unlocked. You will not be allowed to play an empire without any of the troops, even one. You unlock new empires in SW campaign through finishing levels. You cannot play a new empire until all troops are unlock. SE now has 2v2 gameplay with each team using the same empire, randomized if the empires are the same. There are also 2 statues to destroy. Once one statues is destroyed, the player whose statue was destroyed can still create troops and attack their teammate's opponents statue, while the other player who destroyed the statue can help defend or press an attack. A statue destruction tie at 1 to 1 will result in the remaing players have their statues boosted back to full health, and have them fight a normal, but progressed SE battle. There are also now special challenges such as the air challenge, where you can only use air units in battle, but you can use the air units from all empires.
  • Troops buffs:
    • Eclipsor damage buff
    • Swordrath damage decrease
    • Archidon damage buff, health buff (5%)
    • Allowtross Damage buff
    • Fire Elemental Damage de-buff
  • MAJOR UPDATE: eCoin Change - eCoins are now more expensive, and 1 eCoin is obtained for every win. For each level win, you obtain 2 eCoins. eCoins can now be used as skill points or coins to buy costumes. They can also buy special rewards when new packs come out. eCoins are also not merged until you finish the campign with extra coins, which will be added to your SE gameplay account. eCoins Prices are as follow:
    • Buyable for eCoins
      • New skill any troop - 2 eCoins
      • New Costume - 50 eCoins
        • COSTUME UPDATE: You can buy only buy costume in entire sets. You can then mix and match costume pieces. Some items give Style boost (See below)
        • Costume list coming soon!
      • Special offer 1 for SE gameplay, not SW campaign - All Empires unlocked for 500 eCoins (Offer obtainable after you win 10 battles and unlock the first chaos empire troop)
      • New Empire for SE - 100 eCoins
    • eCoin Offers (Real Money)
      • eCoin Pack 1 (100) - 0.99
      • eCoin Pack 2 (225, 25 bonus) - 1.99
      • eCoin Pack 3 (375, 75 bonus) - 2.99
      • eCoin Pack 4 (1200, 200 bonus) - 9.99
  • Updated control bar and controls
    • New "scout" mode that will take your weakest troop and place it near the center tower - if enemy troops occupy the tower, all troops will swarm the tower
    • New spells available in any empire from the bar on the right - disappears when troop selected
      • Fireball - Sends out a fireball that does AoE with high damage
      • Zap - Stuns all troops in AoE and does small damage
      • Arrow Volley - Large AoE with medium damage
      • Rocket - Maximuin Damage with small AoE
      • Roller - High damage hitting everything in it's path on the ground only
      • Freeze - Freezes the 2 highest enemy troops and the lowest enemy troop for 5 seconds
    • Castle ability updates - Now at least 2 ranks for all upgrades (except miner buildings)
  • Updated Troop capacity; New ranks that can be upgraded for eCoins - You will only be matched with people of the same amount of troop capacity
    • Regular - 100 troops (Free)
    • Upgrade 1 - 120 troops (200 eCoins or 2.49)
    • Upgrade 2 - 150 troops (600 eCoins or 3.99)
  • New castle abilities corresponding new empires and troops
  • New effects (Bold effects = from Stick Empires 1 / Stick Wars 2)
    • Poison - continuous (1/8 bar)
      • Blue Poison (Wears off after 5 seconds [3 damage cycles])
      • Green poison (regular poison that can be cured with garrison)
      • Purple Poison (poison with extra damage that cannot be cured but wears off after 7 seconds [5 damage cycles])
    • Burn - continuous damage (1/4 bar)
      • Orange Burn (Regular Burn that can be cured with garrison)
      • Red Burn (Spreads from troop to troop for 3 troops - regular damage)
      • Blue Burn (Extra damage and cannot be cured but wears off after 5 seconds)
    • Freeze - Temporary
      • Water Freeze (Regular Freeze on elemental troop Water - melts after 5 seconds)
      • Ice Freeze (Regular freeze with added spreading power and does a small amount of damage - melts after 5 seconds)
      • Spell Freeze (Ice Freeze with more damage - last 3 seconds)
    • Flash - Temporary
      • Flash (blindness troops for 3 seconds)

New trait gameplay mechanic: Each troop is assigned an element, regardless of the empire. The elements are:

  • Speed (Shadowrath, Bomber, Cycloid, Mounted Knight, Dirvishes,
  • Strength (Enslaved Giant, Giant, Charrcog, Great Juggernaut, Snakint, Deku)
  • Elite (Kageki, Elite Juggernaut, Wingidon, Kyrie, Sneake, Destroyer)
  • Magic (Magikill, Medusa, Infernos, Esoteric Exile, Gorgon, Mage)
  • Power (Spearton, Chaos Juggernaut, Treature, Knight, Serpnight, Space Knight)
  • Ranged ( Archidon, Dead, Fire, Axe Thrower, Cobartillery, Space Archer)
  • Support (Meric, Marrowkai, Water, Skirmishers, Spitting Elapids, Legion Strike)
  • Melee (Swordrath, Crawler, Earth, Halberdier, Serpent Warrior, Slime Warrior)
  • Flying (Allbowtross, Eclipsor, Air, Theryn Hunter, Elite Eclipsor, Kenstha)
  • Resource (Miner, Enslaved[Chaos] Miner, Chompler, Great Miner, Biter, Glorf)

These elements have certain bonuses.

New Style boost: certain styles for troops will provide a trait boost to the troop's attack.

  • Speed
    • Headwear to increase chance of doge (up to 40%)
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 20% damage increase)
    • Footwear(not visible) to increase overall speed (Up to 60% increase)
  • Strength
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 60%)
    • Headwear to increase health (Up to 30%)
  • Elite
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 40%)
    • Footwear(Not Visible) to increase speed (Up to 40%)
    • Armor/Robes to increase health (Up to 50%)
  • Magic
    • Robes to increase health (Up to 20%)
    • Staffs to increase damage and rate of cast (Up to 40% and 10%)
  • Power
    • Armor to increase health (Up to 40%)
    • Weapons to increase damage (Up to 60%)
    • Headwear to increase stun resistance (Up to 10%)
  • Ranged
    • Projectiles to increase damage (Up to 30%)
    • Headwear to increase health (Up to 30%)
    • Thrower/Bow to increase rate or fire and amounts of axes/arrows thrown/fired (Up the 10% and up to +5 projectiles)
  • Support
    • Staff to increase area of effect (Up to 10%)
    • Robes to increase health (Up to 30%)
    • Gauntlets to increase healing power (Up to 10%)
  • Melee
    • Weapons/Gauntlets to increase damage (Up to 50%)
    • Armor to increase health (Up to 20%)
  • Flying
    • Wing Upgrade to increase speed (Up to 40%)
    • Armor to increase health (Up to 20%)
    • Projectile/Attack upgrades to increase damage (Up to 30%)
  • Resource
    • Collection size to increase amount of gold collect in one run (Up to 30%)
    • Mining tool sharpness to increase production rate (Up to 30%)
    • Headwear to increase health (Up to 10%)

New gameplay feel: Though it still feels like a 2D game and the gameplay has not updated much as it is very similar to SE 1 still, all graphics have been improved and this game is only available for download. Not available online, and a more modern feel to the game is added. Also, a new VR mode is added where you are the king during battles and you have a 360 view. In front of you is a control pad of what you acn do in non-VR mode. New gamewear may be required, including the 360 screen dome, and VR Goggles

NEW FEATURE: Heroes - Heroes are new characters that are very powerful and fight for you from the begining. Once they die in battle, they are knocked out until the next battle or level, so wait for a strong push to use your heroes. In VR Mode, there is a

Current Heroes:

New level track:

Tutorial - Unlocks Speartons

Lvl 1: Rebels - Archidons Declare War - Archidons, Swordraths, Miners - Unlocks Archidon

Lvl 2: Escape and Rebuild - Shadowrath Declare War - Shadowrath, Miners - Unlocks Shadowrath

Lvl 3: Magic in the air - Magikill and Merics Declare War - Magikill, Merics, Miners - Unlocks Magikill and Swordrath

Lvl 4: Ranged Rebuilt - Allbowtross Declare War - Allbowtross, Swordraths, Miners, Archidons - Unlocks Allbowtross / Flying Crossbowman

Lvl 4: Rebel Union - Rebels Declare War - Swordraths, Archidons, Speartons, Magikill, Merics, Shadowrath, Allbowtross, Miners - Unlocks first 2 common spells: Fireball and Arrow Volley

Lvl 5: The Final Rebellion - Medusa and the Chaos Empire Declare War - Giant, Bombers, Cutscene - Unlocks Enslaved Giant; Unlocks Chaos Empire; Unlocks Bombers and Giant

Lvl 6: Strong in Swarms - Crawlers Unleashed - Crawlers, Miners - Crawlers - Unlocks Crawlers; Cannot combine and other Chaos troops into one empire, and vice versa with other empires

Lvl 7: Fear the Undead - Deads Unleashed - Crawlers, Deads, Miners - Unlocks Deads

Lvl 8: Armored Behemoths - Chaos Juggernauts Unleashed - Chaos Juggernauts, Bombers, Crawers, Miners - Unlocks Chaos Juggernauts

Lvl 9: The Last Wingidon - Eclipsors Unleashed - Juggernauts, Bombers, Eclipsors, Miners - Unlocks 3rd common spell: Zap

Lvl 10: The One Left - Marrowkai Unleashed - Marrowkai, Juggernauts, Eclipsors, Crawlers, Miners - Unlocks Marrowkai

Lvl 11: Medusa's Castle - The Full Chaos Empires - Marrowkai, Juggernauts, Eclipsors, Bombers, Crawlers, Deads, Giants, Gorgons(New), Medusa(Boss) - Unlocks Medusa - Non-boss and completes the set of the Chaos Empire

Lvl 12: A New Empire is Approaching - Elemental Empire Declares War - Charcog, Cutscene - Unlocks 4th spell: Roller; Unlocks the Elemental Empire - Same rule applies as Chaos Empire

Lvl 13: Strong as the Mountain - Earth Unleashed - Earth, Chomplers - Unlocks Earth

Lvl 14: 4 Powers - Elements Unleashed - Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Chompler - Unlocks Elements

Lvl 15: Combinations are Powerful - Treatures Unleashed - Earth, Water, Treatures. Chomplers - Unlocks Treature

Lvl 16: Dragons of fire - Infernos Unleashed - Fire, Air, Infernos, Earth, Chompler - Unlocks Infernos

Lvl 17: Tornadoes from the sky - Cycloids Unleashed - Cycloids, Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Chompler - Unlocks Cycloid

Lvl 18: Rock-Hard Fire-Beasts - Charrogs Unleashed - Charrogs, Fire, Earth, Chompler - Unlocks Charrog

Lvl 19: The Power of 4 - V Unleashed - V, Charrogs, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Chomplers - Unlocks V

Lvl 20: The Elemental Homeland - V, Charrogs, Treatures, Infernos, Cycloids, Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Chomplers - Unlocks the 5th common spell: Rocket

Cutscene: Space Empire + Revived Serpentine and Great Knights Empire now on earth - Continued in lvl 21

Lvl 21: Revived - Halberdiers Attack - Halberdiers, Great Miners - Unlocks Halberdier

Lvl 22: Spears Away! - Skirmishers Attack - Skirmishers, Great Miners - Unlocks Skirmisher

Lvl 23: Knight of the Revived Table - Knights Attack - Knights, Skirmishers, Halberdiers, Great Miners - Unlocks Knight

Lvl 24: Flying Axes! RUN! - Axe Throwers Attack - Axe Throwers, Knights, Great Miners

Lvl 25: Esoteric Return - Esoteric Exiles Attack - Esoteric Exiles, Knights, Axe Throwers, Great Miners - Unlocks Esoteric Exile

Lvl 26: Horses are angry - Mounted Knights Attack - Mounted Knights, Skirmishers, Great Miners - Unlocks Mounted Knights

Lvl 27: Spiked armor? - Juggernauts Attack - Juggernauts, Knights, Great Miners - Unlocks Great Juggernaut (Better than Chaos Juggernaut)

Lvl 28: Hunters of Prey - Theryn Hunters Attack - Theryn Hunters, Knights, Great MIners - Unlocks Theryn Hunters

Lvl 29: COUGH COUGH... Where did they go? - Kyrie Attack - Kyrie, Knights, Great Miners - Unlocks Kyrie

Lvl 30: Formations! - The Final Battle of the Great Knights - All Great Knight Troops, Cutscene - Unlocks Troop Capacity Upgrade 1 (+20 troop capacity)

Lvl 31: Sneaky serpents - Serpent Warriors attack - Serpent Warriors, Biters - Unlocks Serpent Warriors

Lvl 32: Snakes from the sky! - Cobrartillery attack - Cobrartillery, Serpent Warriors, Biters - Unlocks Cobrartillery

Lvl 33: Bombs Away! - Dirvishes Attack - Dirvishes, Cobrartillery, Serpent Warriors, Biters - Unlocks Dirvishes

Lvl 34: Sisters of Medusa - Gorgons Attack - Gorgons, Serpent Warriors, Dirvishes, Biters - Unlocks Gorgons

Lvl 35: The Sssstrongest - Serpenights Attack - Serpenights, Gorgons, Dirvishes, Biters - Unlocks Serpenights

Lvl 36: Where did that snake go? - Sneakes Attack - Sneakes, Serpenights, Dirvishes, Gorgons, Biters - Unlocks Sneake

Lvl 37: Elite Flyers - Elite Eclipsors Attack - Eclipsors, Serpnights, Dirvishes, Gorgons, Biters - Unlocks Elite Eclipsors

Lvl 38: GIANT SNAKES! - Snakints Attack - Snakints, Serpenights, Serpent Warriors, Cobrartillery, Biters - Unlocks Snakints

Lvl 39: Poison Spitters - Spitting Elapids attack - Spitting Elapids, Snakints, Gorgons, Dirvishes, Biters - Unlocks Spitting Elapids

Lvl 40: Poison for Snakes - The Final Battle of the Serpentine - All Serpentine Troops, Cutscene - Unlocks Final Spell: Freeze

Lvl 41: The Came From Above... - Slime Warriors Attack - Slime Warriors, Glorfs - Unlocks Slime Warriors

Lvl 42: Stun Strike - Space Archers attack - Slime Warriors, Glorfs, Space Archers - Unlocks Space Archers

Lvl 43: Plasma Legions - Legion Strike Unleashed - Glorfs, Space Archers, Legion Strikes

Lvl 44: Magic... FROM SPACCE! - Mages Attack - Glorfs, Mages, Slime Warriors

Lvl 45: Space Toads - Dekus Attack - Dekus, Space Archers, Glorfs

Lvl 46: LASER SWORDS??? - Space Knights Attack - Space Knights, Space Archers, Legion Strike, Glorfs

Lvl 47: Double Kill - Destroyers Attack - Destroyers, Space Knights, Glorfs

Lvl 48: Through all from the sky - Kenstha unleashed - Kenstha, Space Knights, Glorfs

Lvl 49: Sky Strike - The Final Battle of the Space Empire - All Space Empire Troops, Cutscene - Unlock BONUS CAMPAIGN

Lvl 50: They returned to the sky... and came back

Lvl 50: RETURN - All Empires - Face each empire 1 by one. Starting gold 3000 and 1000 mana, while opposing team has 1000 and 300

Bonus level count: 9 (New levels added weekly for more rewards)

Bonus lvl 1: Staff Strike - Kageki attack - Unlocks Kageki - ORDER ONLY

Bonus lvl 2: Flaming wood - Kageki Upgrades - Unlocks Kageki Upgrades -ORDER ONLY

Bonus lvl 3: The Final Strike - Kageki Castle Abilities Unlocked - ORDER ONLY

Bonus lvl 4: Elite kills - Elite Juggernauts Attack - Unlocks Elite Juggernauts - CHAOS ONLY

Bonus lvl 5: ATTACK! - Elite Juggernaut Upgrades - Unlocks Elite Juggernaut Upgrades - CHAOS ONLY

Bonus lvl 6: The Final Charge - Elite Juggernaut Castle Abilities - Unlocks Elite Juggernaut Castle Abilities - CHAOS ONLY

Bonus lvl 7: The First Wings - Wingidons Attack - Unlocks Wingidon - ELEMENTAL ONLY

Bonus lvl 8: Accurate Shot - Wingidon Upgrades - Unlocks Wingidon Upgrades - ELEMENTAL ONLY

Bonus lvl 9: The Final Swoop - Wingidon Castle abilities - Wingion Castle Abilities Unlocked - ELEMENTAL ONLY

Bonus lvl 10: New troops, old empires - all new troops from old empires attack - Kageki, Elite Juggernauts, Wingidons - Reward of 100 eCoins - ONLY ORIGINAL EMPRIES FROM SE

SPECIAL EVENT: 6 lvls with special conditions


  • Empire unlocked after empire you are facing (Space to Order)
  • All troops 1/2 price gold and mana
  • Castle abilities raised to 2x the price
  • Statue Health +10%
  • Unit size: all 1 unit
  • Army size: 60 units
  • Complete all levels consecutively without losing or start over. Cooldown from 3 losses in 1 hour to regenerate your battles
  • You face an AI set to extreme plus difficulty
  • Special rewards are one time only after completing each level.

lvl 1: Rebels Return - Order AI - earns 10 eCoins

lvl 2: Medusa's Wrath - Chaos AI - earns 10 eCoins

lvl 3: Nature's Fury - Elemental AI - earns 10 eCoins

lvl 4: Poison Pool - Serpentine AI - earns 20 eCoins

lvl 5: Great Destructors - Great Knight AI - earns 30 eCoins

lvl 6: Space Strike - Space AI - earns 40 eCoins and Prize Box

Prize box contains: 480 eCoins, special gold badge, and access to new mode: 2's (Special Conditions)

new mode 2's can be unlocked for 400 eCoins as well

Icestormshadow's Ideas Edit

Fey Empire Edit

Pixie - a fast, flying scout unit that can later possess units(with research)

Fairie Miner - a basic economy unit that mines gold, prays for mana, and can build the Will-O-Trap(after research) that can one shot weak units but becomes useless after five uses

Hobgoblin - a cheap warrior unit(can be researched to become better)

Treent - a tanky, but slow unit that appears similar to a tree.

Sprite - a flying unit that carries a bow, can poison arrows(with research)

Changeling - a unit that can morph into an enemy unit, gives you full range of sight while turned into another unit, can undisguise themselves to stun their 'allies'

Centaur - unit that the mount is morphed with its rider.

Quickling - a extremely fast unit that can assassinate weaker units, also is invisible while standing still.

Dryad - a unit that summons Animal Spirits to her side. Animal Spirits have similar stats to a tier 1 Hobgoblin. She can also can Call Lightning and cast Tree Wall.

Red Cap - A semi-tank/damage dealer that wears a hat stained with the blood of his enemies

Balance Empire Edit

Archer -

Swordsman -

Gunslinger -

Sorcerer -

Pikeman -

Horseman -

Balanain Maceman -

Knight -

Dragoon -

Miner -

Dark Empire Edit

Dark Miner -

Dark Knight -

Dark Warrior -

Dark Archer -

Dark Monster -

Necromancer -

Dark Vampir -

Voidling -

Eclipse(when Light Empire is Ally) -

Dark Centaur -

Light Empire Edit

Light Warrior -

Paladin -

Light Miner -

Sunling -

Wizard -

Light Dhamir -

Light Crossbowman -

Holy Knight -

Light Giant -

Eclipse(when Dark Empire is Ally) -

Unity Empire Edit

Citizen Defender -

Citizen Gunsman -

Stone Sentry -

Stone Thrower -

Molder -

Stone Miner -

Stone Flyer -

Stone Centaur -

Stone Scout -

Citizen Pyromaniac -

Citizen Tank -

Levels Edit

  1. Rise of Balans - Balance Empire - Miner and Swordsman are introduced, Miner and Swordsman, Unlocks Swordwrath
  2. Arrows Hurt too - Balance Empire - Archer is introduced, Archer, Miner, and Swordsman, Unlocks Archidon
  3. Horses are fast - Balance Empire - Horseman is Introduced, Horseman, Archer, Swordsman, and Miner, Unlocks Horsejin
  4. Bison Attack - Balance Empire - Dragoon is introduced, Dragoon, Archer, Swordsman, and Miner, Unlocks Poison Spray
  5. Guns Ahoy - Balance Empire - Gunslinger is introduced, Gunslinger, Horseman, Swordsman, and Miner, Unlocks Gundren
  6. Magic is natural - Balance Empire - Sorcerer is introduced, Sorcerer, Dragoon, Archer, Swordsman, and Miner, Unlocks Magikill
  7. Horses can Die - Balance Empire - Pikeman is introduced, Pikeman, Horseman, Gunslinger, Sorcerer, and Miner, Unlocks Electric Wall
  8. Armored Horses - Balance Empire - Knight is introduced, Knight, Archer, Sorcerer, Swordsman, and Miner
  9. Maces hit hard - Balance Empire - Balanain Maceman is introduced, Balanain Maceman, Gunslinger, Pikeman, Sorcerer, Horseman, Miner, Unlocks Fireball
  10. Balance United - Balance Empire - All Units are fighting you, Miner, Swordsman, Archer, Hoseman, Dragoon, Gunslinger, Sorcerer, Pikeman, Knight, Balanain Maceman, Unlocks Extra 10 Troop Pop
  11. Darkness Rises - Dark Empire - Dark Miner and Dark Warrior are introduced, Dark Miner, Dark Warrior
  12. Monsters... - Dark Empire - Dark Monster is introduced, Dark Miner, Dark Warrior, and Dark Monster, Unlocks Spearton
  13. Dark Arrows - Dark Empire - Dark Archer is introduced, Dark Miner, Dark Warrior, Dark Monster, and Dark Archer, Unlocks Arrow Storm
  14. Dark Horses - Dark Empire - Dark Knight is introduced, Dark Miner, Dark Warrior, Dark Monster, Dark Archer, and Dark Knights, unlocks Horse Rush
  15. Dark Corruption - Dark Empire - Dark Vampir and Dark Centaur are introduced, Dark Miner, Dark Warrior, Dark Centaur, Dark Vampir, Dark Archer, and Dark Monster
  16. Bastion of the Light - Light Empire - You fight all Light forces, Secret Level Light Miner, Light Warrior, Paladin, Holy Knight, Light Crossbowman, Wizard, Light Giant, Light Dhamir, Sunling, Unlocks Light Empire