Tarconencis Esotergnos was a Magikill who specialised in a branch of mana-based magic known as Esotericism, named after himself, and was exiled by the Magikill elders for criticising their overbearing control of magic, leaving to join the Great Knights. There, he educated Saelara Rochir and a number of other students his own forms of magic, as well as some conventional Magikill spells. Following the Battle of Snake's End, he found himself even more discontent at Jygarn Invincibilis' policies of unity. When Malendor Sihanouk was forced to kill Tarconencis' favourite student (named Tarramiso-Katos) when the latter went insane from a mysterious form of possessive magic, he went as far as turning on the Great Knights, placing a curse on them and inflicting a plague, all prompted by persuasion from the Essence of Medusa, effectively corrupting him, as she would later do to many others. The Great Knight council was forced to hunt him down and kill him, and he was eventually cornered by Saelara's detachment. Although Tarconencis attempted to appeal to Saelara to allow complete freedom, the latter refused and requested him to revoke the curse. Tarconencis, feeling betrayed by his own students, lashed out, only to be obliterated by Saelara's spells. His curse came to partial truth when, 140 years later, the Great Knights were destroyed by Chaos.

His writings were, for the most part, requisitioned by the Magikill and burnt, but a few Magikill, including Lainnauth Maerocui, found the writings and eventually rebelled against the Magikill as well, leaving to settle in the North. A small portion of his scriptures, such as a copy of his work "The Ego Triumphs", were also kept by Saelara to be preserved in the Invinojug Castle, something which would eventually be discovered by Samson and Delphius almost 120 years later, which fuelled their anarchistic ideologies.

Trivia Edit

  • Tarconencis' name is based off that of a Roman administrative region named Tarraconensis, which I found from playing Rome: Total War. Why I decided to corrupt that to make a name is unknown, including to me, but it has nonetheless developed.
  • The surname "Esotergnos" is based off a combination of the sects of Esotericism and Gnosticism, both relatively arcane philosophies within religion, introducing more elements of spirits and mysticism, similar to Tarconencis' occupation as a mysterious mage.
  • Tarconencis' "The Ego Triumphs" is based off the anarchistic writings of Max Stirner in "The Ego and His Own".