Tebekel Yebetes was a Rovalian captain of the of the Second Ele'Jantu Guard, a small elite guard stationed to defend near the Valley of Gurnand, and one of the nine Ele'Jantu Guards stationed across the Kingdom of Rovaltinny to act as guardians of certain locations. During the Fall of Rovaltinny, all nine guard units had been summoned to the capital, Roval, for a meeting, when Chaos forces began advancing unexpectedly from the south-east, demolishing any Rovalian resistance at the border town of Blebfennas (or Wingsgate) and cutting off the majority of the Rovalian army. As a result, seven of the nine Ele'Jantu Guards were deployed at the Battle of Roval to try and keep the Chaos forces at bay, while the two other guards were sent on a relief mission eastwards to probe the eastern Chaos army, which had cut their military off. All seven units were destroyed during the fighting, and Tebekel, seeing that Roval was surrounded at this point, chose to hide underground with two of his surviving soldiers and wait for reinforcements from the Great Knights to arrive and aid them in retaking their homeland.

When the Eclipse Expedition found him two days later, he immediately petitioned the Great Knights to begin their efforts of relieving Rovaltinny, citing that his family were still trapped in the western regions of Rovaltinny. However, this request was denied by Captains Nircurus and Parean, who knew that they lacked the resources, manpower, and for the majority of their soldiers, experience fighting to attempt to liberate an entire nation. This culminated in an enmity towards many of the Great Knight Reformists or Separatists, while aligning himself with Loyalists such as Kirev, who promised to help retake Rovaltinny.