The Arcane Uprising is a story initially started by user Firehammer2004, who has now left it to be remastered by Pax Orderia. For more details, see Project Remastered Uprising.

Characters: Apeiro, Apothicus, Ogeritase

Prelude Edit

"What the...who are you and why were in a tree spying on us?" One of the students yelled in surprise, shocked by the sudden appearance of a young boy, sporting several bruises, who had fallen directly out of the tree above.

The boy grinned sheepishly in response "I just wanted to learn the ways of the Magikill - they seem really cool, especially how they use magic and kill everything!"

"Err...what?" Several of the students glanced around at each other in complete confusion at this eccentric child, before turning to their master, a wizened old man wielding a staff and sporting a hunched back and long beard. "Master, what are we supposed to do with him?"

After a moment of stroking his beard, the senior Magikill spoke in a croaky voice "He is an outsider - he knows nothing about our arcane ways, and we cannot simply train him just because he has interest."

The boy immediately blurted out in protest "Wait, sir, I know about your arcane ways - I know what the word arcane means...and I...I know how to summon a blast, with the incantation 'Fulminate' and 'Lavitas Elek-Tosus' to summon those electric walls, and all of the corresponding staff movements, and they can make things blow up or die! I know that some Magikill are working on cool things like potions and stuff, which I also really want to join, and I...I know how you used to capture Dirvishes and turn them into minions, which I don't really like, but-"

"How did you find that out kid?" One Magikill interrupted.

"I've been watching for weeks, watching all of you train to fight with magic, and I just like magic and fighting a lot, and I have this cool idea that you can combine weapons and magic, so could I please join you?" He replied instantly and rapidly, breathing heavily as he stopped, while he widened his eyes, begging the Magikill to allow him to join.

"What's your name?" Another of the Magikill inquired.

"Apeiro" the boy smiled. "Can I join?"

The senior Magikill spoke up "You know that all your training will take 7 years to become a good Magikill, and probably widen your vocabulary to more than just 'cool'. We are quite an arcane order and you will require a lot of training, away from your family."

"Arcane means mysterious or understood by few, and I want to become one of those few. My family would be fine with it. Is that a yes then?" Apeiro grinned.

The Magikill master searched the faces of his fellow Magikill. Most of them seemed impressed with Apeiro's confidence, his knowledge and enthusiasm. "Well...I suppose we could always spare a space for another student. In that case, we shall consider it. Expect a letter to be delivered in approximately a week's time to your house, wherever it is."

Apeiro smiled.

Chapter 1 Edit

While Apeiro was still at the magic academy, he searched through the library a lot. One day while Apeiro was reading a book about constructing magical weapons, then Apeiro randomly looked at a book that looked distinctly different from the other books. So Apeiro closed the book he was reading to get this book. The title read "Ancient Alchemy", so naturally wanting to know more about magic Apeiro started reading. The book goes through basically everything you need to know about alchemy, but requires 3 things: ☿(mind), 🜔(body), 🜍(spirit). This made Apeiro very interested in alchemy. So Apeiro went to a list of alchemical recipes and found one about giving knowledge. The next year he passed school and was able to go off into the world.

Chapter 2 Edit

A war started between the Order Empire and another nation. Unfortunately the Order Empire in all of their great mightiness was losing to this other nation. So the Order Empire started to draft people, and Apeiro was one of them. When Apeiro was at camp ready to go and meditate to restore full spirit, this guy came up to him and asked him "What are you doing?" Apeiro responded "Why do you need to know what I am doing, Apothicus". Apothicus replied "How do you know my name?!" Apeiro happily spoke "I just know you're name". Apothicus replied "Whatever we need to rest for tomorrow just in case we get attacked or General whatever calls us".

Most people in the camp went to sleep except Apeiro and some watchers. Apeiro was meditating to see in the future and sees a shadowy, hooded figure walking towards him. This figure started speaking in a echoing, mystical, evil voice "Hello young one". Apeiro immediately tries to stop meditating but fails. Apeiro's appearance changes where is eyes start to glow green and red simultaneously and a symbols on his body start to do the same. Just as Apeiro eyes turned darker another guy slaps Apeiro very hard. Apeiro has stopped meditating and sees a guy known as Ogeritase. Ogeritase speaks angrily "What were you doing!" Apeiro replies scared "I was trying to predict ahead of time?" Ogeritase replies angrily "You could've just given away are location, or let whatever was happening to you happen to us, or something like that! Just don't meditate at night". "Ok" Apeiro says. Next day Apeiro started to forge a magic sword. Apeiro calls it "The Blade of Moyura" which has the ability to transfer any spell through the sword(for example the spell fire edge will light the sword on fire). So Apothicus ask Apeiro "What is it that you are making?" "I am making a blade" Apeiro responds calmly. "We are now being sent to fight in battle with no warning whatsoever" said Apothicus. Apeiro says "That is to be expected because we are in war, we could be sent to the battlefield anytime". "We are on a team with Ogeritase" Apothicus says. Ogeritase walks in "Shall we".

Chapter 3 Edit

Just before battle Apeiro made some odd drinks that gave enhanced something. Apeiro gave one of each type of drink to each of his teammates. When they got there, they saw these monsters that were doing weird things to people. Along the lines of changing people into these same creatures. They were different shades of vomit, but being the magikill Apeiro was he shot a fireball at these creatures and they burned and fled. More of them came until one of our magikill shot a meteor out of the sky to do a massive explosion of fire and killed all of them. "This battle has been won with a simple meteor" Apeiro said. On their way back to camp they saw some their elite people enslaving Archidons. So naturally being the good person Apeiro is he walks up to the elites and asks them why they are enslaving these archidons. They respond with "We were told to, what you wanna be enslaved too" in a salty tone. "Why are you so salty?" Apeiro says. The elite people respond with "take him now!". Apeiro uses self defense magic and makes a explosion of very lethal gas that burned, paralyzed, deformed, electrocuted, and frostburned. Then Apeiro speaks "Try that one more time, you insignificant lifeforms". Then the other people that were under the command of the elites either went to attack Apeiro or release slaves. Apeiro zapped those who went to attack him.

Chapter 4 Edit

On their way back Apeiro had thought of starting a uprising because of the fact that the Order Empire's "Holy ways" were slavery and torture. When they get back Apeiro ask Apothicus and Ogeritase "Did y'all know that the Order Empire were enslaving people?" Apothicus said "No, I always thought that they had negotiated with the other tribes" Ogeritase says "I didn't know either". Apeiro says "Slavery is inhumane and needs to end now! Order Empire we need to have a talk". So Apeiro tries to convince Apothicus and Ogeritase to start a uprising.

Chapter 5 Edit

15 years later Apeiro has made his uprising known and made magical weapons for everyone to use. Apeiro calls it "The Arcane Uprising" simply because he is arcane and making everyone else have arcane weapons. Also Apeiro gives them alchemical drinks which Apeiro calls "Potions". Apeiro using spells and potions significantly increased the strength and power of everyone that was in the Arcane Uprising. The goal of the Arcane Uprising was to get rid of slavery. So they first send a shadowrath that managed to join in with of course enhanced strength and also invisibility to look ahead and find slave camps. Wherever this shadowrath named "Likutre" told us there was a slave camp we went there and freed the slaves. This action brought down the Order Empire a lot when they found out that their slave camps were being destroyed and the slaves were being set free.

Chapter 6 Edit

Another 4 years passes by and they grow in numbers by a huge amount in both people and power. When they finally make it to a magikill camp is when they struggle the most. They struggles in trying to get into the camp because of magic gaurds.