By Perat

This was when Order was at war with the Marrowkai.

First EncounterEdit

After Order defeated the Eclipsors they moved on to the Marrowkai. James was the first Magikill to fight the Marrowkai. A Spearton was next to his side named Steve and a Meric named Mary. When they saw a Marrowkai the war began. James used poison spray and poisoned the Marrowkai. As the Marrowkai approached, getting weaker, Steve prepared to defend James and the Meric prepared to heal any wounds. Suddenly the Marrowkai summoned a reaper and reaped Mary, then used Hell Fists to finish her off. She vanished. Angered, James cast the explosion spell and the Marrowkai blew up and broke into a pile of broken bones. Then suddenly a Juggerknight came charging at James. Steve ran and took the hits. James waited for his spells to recharge and finally used the blast spell again and the Juggerknight went up in flames but Steve was injured and James ordered him to garrison. He looked ahead and saw a giant. It looked angry and was headed his way. He cast an electric wall in front of the giant. The giant felt a surge of pain and fled. Five swordwraths came out of the castle and attacked the giant. They ran left then right avoiding the swings while delivering painful slices. It took a long time but they finally defeated the giant.

Queen MedusaEdit

After defeating the Marrowkai they defeated the troops at The Gate before moving on to Medusa's Castle. A giant snake statue was ahead and the enemies that attacked Order also had some troops to defend. Giants hurled boulders, Magikill caused explosions that left bodies in flames and a Spearton pounced on a Juggerknight and slashed the spear right through the knight's neck. It was a bloody battle but Order finally reached the statue. They smashed at the statue until Medusa came out screaming, "You must all die!" Units turned to stone, giants fell and miners froze with a scared expression. Angered survivors yelled and charged out the gate. Speartons stabbed her, the giant hurled boulders at her and the Magikill electrocuted her with an electric wall. Finally she died and her statue crumbled into dust.