The Elemental Island is a story by the user Lorddimertelo2213.

Chapter 1: The DocksEdit


50 years after Chaos's fall, 100 years after the battle in the Desert, the Great Order Empire have explored all of their homeland. But recently the magikill, Mage Morwen, has spotted an island nearby. The Order leaders decide to take their elite troops and go to the island to investigate it.

Today was the day, Leo thought. Today they went to the new island which was found by Morwen. Leo and 20 of his finest archers clambered onto the wooden ship in front of them. Onboard they saw the other generals of Order, General Lucius of Spearton, Gereral Albertorin of Swordwrath, Gereral Yumiko of Shadowrath and General Gigantia of Giants. The only general not coming was Morwen, as he was to look after Order when they were away. Slowly the boat then floated out to sea. We tumbled about as the ship went into the Death Sea, called that as dead corpses used to be thrown in there. Then suddenly the ship stopped... fins poked out of the water....Sharks...

Chapter 2: Ambush!Edit

Suddenly, the fins went underwater. Then the ship started sinking! They must have bust a hole in the hull! The sharks then climbed onto the deck. Wait, climbed? Yes, they were shark sticks.

They then fought with the speartons and the swordwraths and the rest of us started to evacuate the ship. Leo headed to the stern and ordered the archidons to fire. The arrows killed a few but then they had to get into the lifeboats. As the boat lowered they could still see Lucius and his men attacking the shark people and the swordwraths retreating. Lucius threw his last spear and got in a lifeboat and watched as the ship went down. They had lost 2 speartons, 2 archidons,1 shadowrath and 1 giant. Slowly they sailed towards a faint shape in the distance.

Chapter 3:  AlbowtorinousEdit

It turned out that the shape was an island full of the shark stick figures. Leo said they had come in peace, but the shark people( or the Albertorin, as they were actually called) attacked them.

The war lasted for a day, with the shark people losing. But then they rode in on a giant shell and started to defeat Order. Luckily Yumiko jumped up onto the shell and killed the 2 Albertorin onboard.

It turned out the Albertorin leader, Caspian, was onboard and he quickly surrendered to Order. It had turned out that some people with magic sticks had been past and killed most of his army, so that was why he attacked them. 

So they now had water units with them, thought Leo, as they clambered onto a new ship with the Albowtorin army and set sail to Elemental Island.