The Lone Spearton is a stand-alone story written by an anonymous FANDOM user.

Content Edit

Opening Hours Edit

Leo the spearton came out of the gates. He knew what was at stake. If he didn't kill Medusa, Inamorta would be doomed. He charged, alone. Two juggerknights were standing guard. The first knight charged. Leo jumped over him and stabbed the second knight. He dueled with the other knight. The knight threw his axe but Leo ducks and does a spinning jump and stabs the knight clean through the neck. His comrades arrive and start towards the statue.

The Battle With Medusa Edit

Medusa came out and yelled, "YOU MUST ALL DIE!" Everyone except Leo was turned to stone. Leo clashed with Medusa, cautious not to look her in the eye. Medusa summoned 4 juggerknights. Leo broke the first one's neck. He judo kicked the other in the face. He jumped on the shield of one knight and stabbed the neck of the other. The remaining knight, who stood in amazement of how Leo just killed all the other knights in seconds, got stabbed in the stomach, and bashed in the neck with his shield. Leo then jumped and stabbed Medusa. She howled in pain. Leo then finished Medusa. He stabbed her in the neck. Green blood gushed out. Leo then used his spear to cut off her head. When his Order Empire comrades arrived, they saw Leo holding Medusa's head high in the air.

The Celebration Edit

The next day, Leo was awarded with medals for his bravery. The Spearton Council also made him the new Spearton king, since the current Spearton king was killed during the rebellion. Leo had a great life, and his story lived beyond the grave. That is the story of the lone spearton.