The Mutt Trilogy is a series of stories based on Mutt / Wayne. The Incredible Mutt was originally created by user SimSim40, the creator of the wiki. The story was left unfinished after his leave from the wiki. He originally planned 1 dark Mutt story and then a crossover with the other originals stories (Silent Night and Blood Brothers), but his version of The Incredible Mutt was way too dark and unfinished, so Admin GAK16 removed the crossover and made the Incredible Mutt it's own series. It also includes a prequel story, called 'Outcasts'. Here is all the books in the series:

WARNING: Do not read the descriptions if you do not want to spoil the story. Edit

Story List Edit

Prequel: Outcasts Edit

Outcasts is a story based on Cadenceky, the main antagonist of The Incredible Mutt. This story explains his early life, and why he hates the Order Empire. It also explains who the villain of the entire series is a little bit more.

Book 1: The Incredible Mutt Edit

The Incredible Mutt is the first story in this 3-part series. All the main characters, including Stad, Cross, Plac, Wayne, and Mutt are introduced. This story is centered on how Wayne turned into Mutt, how he learned to control his power, and the defeat of evil Cadenceky. It also shows who the real villain is at the end.

Book 2: The Incredible Mutt: Team Zero Edit

The Incredible Mutt: Team Zero picks up almost immediately where The Incredible Mutt left off. Cadenceky makes a short cameo in this story, and Mutt/Wayne must go on a journey to find the rest of the members of Team Zero from his vision in the first book. It also reveals more of the villain, who you now know is Medusa.

Book 3: The Incredible Mutt: Endgame Edit

The Incredible Mutt: Endgame wraps up this entire series. Team Zero has found Medusa's secret weapon lair/lab and they must infiltrate it to stop the monster. A series of battles commence leading up to the final battle with Medusa and the monster.

Side Story/Prequel: Medusa's Plot Edit

Medusa's Plot is a short side story about the events of what was happening between Outcasts and The Incredible Mutt, as there is a 2 year time jump between the stories. It really just shows the Chaos Empire fighting the Order while her most trusted Marrowkai starts to create the great beast that is found in The Incredible Mutt: Team Zero and destroyed in The Incredible Mutt: Endgame.