The Silent Night is a story that began production under the guidance of Simsim40, but was soon converted into a finished poem format by SpodermanAlwaysCan.

Content Edit

The dusk's sky, through a filter of fog,

A mirror stands, my reflection as cold as the night,

I seeth, I can feel my body transforming like before,

My eyes peer open, revealing a distant threat,

I hunger for his sinister blood,

The night now stands, as clear as day,

I swiftly move towards my target, the wind pulling past me in seconds,

My prey glances back, his mouth open and frightful,

And without second thought, I tear the man apart,

Enjoying every last slice of my claw against his raw flesh,

Every last plee that the thief cried,

But in seconds, all that was left was his lifeless corpse...

...and the silent night.