The Warring States is about the time before Stick War I and explains how Stick Empires can have so many empires.


Don't tell me that shadowraths, merics, enslaved giants, and albowtross came about during Stick War II, because if you just read on, I explain that. (Sorry all the city-states were named similar to Greek city-states). Also, if you are a fan of Greek history, you might see a lot of similarities to Greek history.

Okay, finally, the real story. No, wait, this is only the introduction, which is pretty lengthy because this is what happens before Stick War I.Edit

Most people thought of Order before they became an empire as peaceful. Yes, it is true that Order was peaceful right before their first global war, but there was a time long ago when Order was made up of various city-states, always at each other's necks. Order's own geography is to blame. It was full of mountains and rocky terrain, leaving all settlements separated. With all the valuable metals around, many of these settlements became envious of each other. Some had more gold while others had more iron. One of the first great city-states was Spartania. With one of the largest iron reserves in all of Order, they looked at all the other city-states with all the gold with hungry eyes. They conquered all over the map and soon had all of Order. But rebellion after rebellion left Spartania only in the northwestern side of Order. Soon, little individual empires grew. Now, at the time, the Archidon were great mapmakers and wanted to make a map of Inamorta. Since they couldn't fit all of the city-states in the area of what would be called Order: The Order of City States. The only problem was they wrote too big, so "of city-states" was in the nearby sea. People only read it as "The Order", which evolved into "Order."

Okay, the real story.Edit

Nacidonia was a small city-state in the shadow of now massive city-states like the strengthened Spartania and Athonoria. The king of Nacidonia, Stickens II, looked down at his small kingdom. Just 100 years ago all of Order united against the massive Archidon empire, but now all the city-states are at each other's throats. Sticken's kingdom might be next. He looked at his royal map and saw the small, barely defended island of Kamos and prepared an invasion... TO BE CONTINUED