Tidus is a character in A War For Balance.

Appearance Edit

Tidus has blue hair with a hunched back and a decently buffed body. Even with his more tank-like body, he is only about as strong as Firen, and he is still very agile. He wears his elemental robes which fits his body, but has decorative water markings throughout. Tidus wears an amulet with a gold chain around his neck with his family's Magikill symbol. He uses a claymore, a light and powerful sword and his Staff of Waves

Personality Edit

Tidus is a calm and more quiet person leaving Firen to all the shouting, However, Tidus is a very persuasive person when he needs to be. Finally, Tidus is intelligent and most of the time why Firen can make good decisions. Tidus possesses superior intellect, being able to create the first Albowtross flying wing technology before the Order Empire stole his work.

Relationships Edit

Mother (Dead)

Father and Grandmother (Joined the Order Empire)

Firen (Close Friend, love interest)

Erthren (Life-long friend and "brother")

Aris (Close Friend)

Chaos Empire (Enemy)

Maximus (Long-time enemy and then benefactor)

Story Importance Edit

Tidus is one of the four co-founders of the Elemental Empire and the co-leader with Firen of the Elemental Empire. He is a powerful asset to the Elemental Empire and his group of friends. He knows that if his friend gets captured, he can save them, so he is not overprotective like Firen.