Uialok Morerchion was a Great Knight orphan who was enrolled into the experimental Juggernaut programme headed by General Agisiem, and was trained alongside Kirev and Rivinle. As with most of the Juggernauts, she was indoctrinated into having complete loyalty to the Great Council, and she developed her own psychopathic personality, somewhat similar to that of Hastini. For the majority of her missions, she was assigned to work with Kirev, including on the expedition to the Maxilla Peninsula. Although she returned with no apparent changes, unlike Kirev, who had definitely undergone a significant personality shift, Uialok had indeed been killed and replaced by a rogue Great Knight spirit similar to Lord Verick which served Medusa, who also named herself Uialok. The possessed Uialok continued to operate normally under Kirev's command and also participated in the Eclipse Expedition.