The Valley of Gurnand was a large valley that extended through Western Rovaltinny that formed an important pass through the Eclipse Mountains into the more expansive western regions. There was always a small garrison stationed there by the Rovalians prior to the Fall of Rovaltinny, to be specific, the Second Ele'Jantu Guard under the command of Captain Tebekel Yebetes. Its location meant that it was easily accessible and yet very defendable and would prove to be an important base of operation for the Chaos Onslaught Army in capturing Rovalians from the surrounding rural areas and coordinating their assaults when they later advanced on the region.

The East End of the region was once guarded by the large fortress of Mishigi Miirabi that was fully operational in the early days of Rovalian expansion, and later fell into disrepair, being renamed to Caras Gern. The decline of the fortress represented the declining military importance of the entire valley, given that it was now in the heart of Rovalian territory, which was considered rather stable and safe, not requiring the maintenance of huge military complexes akin to those previously constructed in the Valley.