This wiki needs a formatting page, so please continue to check this page for updates of how to format.

  • Please capitalize all the first letters of sentences, names, proper nouns, and titles (Excluding 'the', 'and', etc.)
  • Please use punctuation correctly (e.g. with full stops, commas).
    • More complex punctuation errors, such as semicolons (;), and dashes (-) can be forgiven, but if you are intending on using those, ensure that you know how to utilise them properly.
  • Please use correct grammar and spelling in your edits.
    • NOTE: This wiki is an English story wiki and content is primarily intended to be written in English (although any form of conventional English spelling is acceptable, for example both American and British spelling)
    • However, appropriate sections can be written in other languages, for example when trying to convey a different language as part of a story or to introduce other, non-English speaking writers or readers to the wiki.
    • As some stories on this wiki have been left alone after their writers have left this wiki (mostly prior to 2014), there will be some spelling or grammatical errors to be corrected in these stories which are inactive. This will be covered in Project Orthography, where only spelling and grammar is to be corrected, or Project Remastered, which aims to remaster either incomplete, grammatically incorrect, or simply old stories.
    • If you are simply unable to keep up with your own spelling and think that it may require some proofreading to ensure that it fits these standards, please contact Pax Orderia on his message wall to request an orthography check.
  • Please use headings to highlight the locations of different chapters so that they are more easily navigable.