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This page is about major updates on the wiki's status weekly. This page can only be updated by the admins and bureaucrats. For personal updates where admins personally make posts about what is happening, check the admin's blogs.

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  1. For the dates, please use the notation: (YYYY/MM/DD) to negate confusion (M/D/Y and D/M/Y can easily be confused.)
  2. Please add any links possible, even if they do not yet exist

Updates: Edit

Week of 2018/09/30-2018/10/06 Edit

Week of 2018/09/23-2018/09/29 Edit

Week of 2018/09/16-2018/09/22 Edit

Week of 2018/09/09-2018/09/15 Edit

  • Outcasts chapter 4 finished, chapter 5 to be started
  • New location page created: Duiost
  • Icestormshadow and Firehammer2004 announce their hurricane situation.

Week of 2018/08/26-2018/09/01 Edit

Week of 2018/08/19-2018/08/25 Edit

  • New character profiles created: Xinfain

Week of 2018/08/12-2018/08/18 Edit

Week of 2018/08/05-2018/08/11 Edit

Week of 2018/07/29-2018/08/04 Edit

  • Icestormshadow and Firehammer2004 announce that they will be on hiatus for a few days due to a lack of access to computers.
  • GAK16 announces a hiatus as a result of matters regarding family and moving house, and the return of editing levels in late August. See more [1].

Week of 2018/07/22-2018/07/28 Edit

  • Pax Orderia announces potential hiatus due to a family trip to Japan from the 26th of July to the 10th of August.

Week of 2018/07/15-2018/07/21 Edit

  • Chapter 10 of Eclipse of the Knights finished. Chapter 11 started.
  • GAK16 returns from 10 day vacation for his birthday on 07/16
  • Discord server work continues - Music servers as well as voice servers may be added

Week of 2018/07/08-2018/07/14 Edit

Week of 2018/07/01-2018/07/07 Edit

Week of 2018/06/24-2018/06/30 Edit

Week of 2018/06/17-2018/06/23 Edit

Week of 2018/06/10-2018/06/16 Edit

  • New character profiles:
  • Welcome (back, technically) to Shadow Lala12, who is currently beginning the process of character creation, presumably for Stick Empires: The Series, which entails the aftermath of Chaos' defeat at the hands of Order, and the emergence of the Elemental Empire.
  • End of the school year for GAK16. Editing levels will now vary from high to low
  • GAK16's hiatus resolved 18/06/24 - Time on the wiki will be limited
  • Experimentation with the Settlement Infobox on the page Roval.
  • Temporary hiatus of GAK16 due to some issues regarding access to electronics, which should hopefully be resolved by Friday (2018/06/15).

Week of 2018/06/3-2018/06/09 Edit

Week of 2018/05/27-2018/06/02 Edit

Week of 2018/05/20-2018/05/26 Edit

Week of 2018/05/13-2018/05/19 Edit

  • New story: Outcasts, mainly working as a prequel to The Incredible Mutt - Chapter 1 and prologue finished
  • Stick War: Rebellion page created as a new game idea by Icestormshadow.
  • New Main Page: Right Column with Wiki staff and Recent activity.
  • New policy: New user account, False Herodotus, which was created by bureaucrat and admin Pax Orderia for the purpose of admin training and blocking. A similar account under the name of Tidus12 may be created by GAK16 as a second primary blocking account.
  • Welcome to Firehammer2004, who is currently beginning The Arcane Uprising, a story based on a Magikill named Apeiro
  • Welcome to Icestormshadow , who is currently beginning Fires of Rebellion: Blood and Truth, a story based on a possible set of events that could happen in Stick War: Rebellion, a new game revolving around building a rebellion against Order.
  • The Incredible Mutt remaster finished - be sure to read the story and check it out!
  • Staff Approved Projects established as a category
  • GAK16's and Pax Orderia's Stick Wars 3 / Stick Empires 2 conception updated:
    • Space Empire completed
    • Trait Boosts completed and revised
    • Trait Boost Guide completed
    • Trait Boost Clothes started
    • New Troop for the Great Knights Empire - Kyrie
    • Updated Gameplay features:
      • Scout Mode
      • Common Spells
  • End of exam for Pax Orderia, return to original levels of editing.
  • End of the 2 weeks of exams for GAK16, normal editing levels to return.
  • The Mutt Trilogy and The Great Northern Saga announced as book series with multiple new books planned.

Week of 2018/05/06-2018/05/12 Edit


  • Potential music page
  • Updates page started