Yaleris Guxpaur was a Great Knight lieutenant who was under the command of Nircurus. Similarly to her fellow lieutenant Galderian, Yaleris was demoted to serve as a foot soldier rather than a cavalry officer, although she had no qualms with this since she, unlike Galderian and Nircurus, preferred fighting on foot, often dismounting her squadrons (this was more to do with the fact that Yaleris herself found ambushes incredibly satisfying to deploy and cavalry was unsuited for this in dense forest environments, while Galderian and Nircurus preferred fighting in the open). Much like the majority of Nircurus' squadron on the Eclipse Expedition, Yaleris would often indulge in mocking societies and politics in a completely satirical fashion, such as expressing the advantages of Social Darwinism with Galderian and Nircurus as a joke, despite her actual views being rather the opposite.