Yunathrad Huhang was a Datnerin Great Knight captain who participated in the Eclipse Expedition. She was given command of a very inexperienced squadron since the Great Knight Council refused to send higher quality troops on an expedition they valued so little, and combined with her lack of experience as a captain, she was severely disappointed in the performance of her soldiers, constantly complaining about their sheer incompetence. Since her squadron was less capable than most others, she was assigned to escort the supply wagons that formed the baggage train with Vectiam, another Great Knight captain.

During the entry to Rovaltinny, one of the wagons was delayed when its wheel broke off and Yunathrad herself had to inform Pepin at the front of the column, passing Vectiam and her friend Parean. However, while doing so, the Crawlers had laid a trap to ensnare as many captains and figures of command at the front of the column by emerging from a hastily constructed tunnel complex. One Crawler emerged and fastened its jaw around one of Yunathrad's legs, dragging her into the tunnel. Vectiam attempted to save her by stabbing her halberd into the ground (as the top of this tunnel was incredibly thin) to try and catch the Crawler in the tunnel while Parean reached in to try and grab hold of her.

In doing so Vectiam accidentally impaled Yunathrad's abdomen, which Parean realised when she pulled her body back out again, finding that the Crawler had left her body there and that Yunathrad had a hole punched clean into her intestines.

Trivia Edit

  • Similarly to Hastini, Yunathrad is of full Datnerin origin, and her name is composed of both a Sindarin element (athrada, meaning "traverse") and a Datnerin component (Yun, meaning either "transport" or "cloud", depending on which dialect is used).
  • Meanwhile, her surname Huhang actually means "convoy".
  • Yunathrad is the first named character to be actively killed in Eclipse of the Knights (Rivinle's death scene was not described actively).